Ginger Cat Names

Check out this cool list of ginger cat names ideas! If you want a name for your ginger cat specifically because of it's colour, then have a look through this list.

Honey Solar Auburn Carrot
Solerio Orange Peaches Sunset
Setter Sandylion Marigold Lava
Flame Cinder Jelly Fiery
Red Leicester Brighty Golden Mustard
Ochre Melon Orangey Autumn
Saffron Summer Copper Tiger
Tango Juice Tigger Tiggs
Amber Goldie Tangerine Solero
Skimbleshanks Orangina Pumpkin Cheeseball
Lollipop Reddy Ginger Biscuit Flower
Fire Gold Rusty Sandy
Dandelion Dorito Marmalade Sunshine