Christmas Kittens Names

Thinking of getting a new kitten this Christmas? Well you might need some Christmas kitten name ideas!

Choosing a Christmasy name for your new kitten can be fun - and cute! We have decided to compile a great list of names for you to have a look through - you might find one that really suits your Christmas kitten! Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas Kitten Name Ideas!

Candy Nick Mary Carol
Mary or Merry Maria Sparkler Angel
Winter Star Cupid Hope
Snowdon Snow Merrily Neva
Snoball Donder Comet Bells
Holly Frosty Christmas Donner
Noelle Joseph Vixen Clause
Blanca Advent Yule Frost
Kringle Snowflake Candy-Cane Jack (Frost)
Gloria Ginger(bread) North Snowdrop
Icicle Tinsel Jangle Rudolph
Carolle Christopher Ivy Scrooge
Claus Nicholas Twinkle Christy
Jesus Euell Ingel Eve
Wenceslas Emmanuel David Elf
Noel Snowbell Epiphany Santa
Mistletoe Snowball Merry Pine
Dancer Star Myrrh Christian
December Dasher Faith Blizzard
Blitzen Jingle Joy Snowy
Garland Gabrielle Ice Dickens
Robin Prancer
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