Ferret Names

Welcome to our ferret names section. The ideal place to find ferret name ideas!

We have loads of names for ferrets for you to browse though - categorised so that you can find the perfect name. Enjoy!

Male ferret names

Paddington, Rufus, Murphy, Midget, Basil, Goblin, Lexus, Camembert, Bumper, Cadet

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Female ferret names

Bess, Aurora, 8-ball, Chilli, Penelope, Sorbet, Athena, Barnacle, Rosy, Alexandra

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Traditional ferret names

Blackie, Calypso, Whisky, Barney, Ginger, Fudge, Bud, Tess, Holly, Ellie

Popular ferret names

Whisky, Charlie, Cass, Bud, Alfi, Bonnie, Admiral, Ginger, Darcey, Sam

Funny ferret names

Ace, Snoppy, Calypso, Buffy, Auston, Oasis, Smudge, Boston, Pebbles, Colonel

Weird ferret names

Busker, Herman, Captain Marvel, Chilli, Hamlet, Tomtom, Pepsi, Buffy, Kookaburra, Sorbet

Foreign ferret names

Mozart, Cleopatra, Gunther, Aloysius, Aphrodite, Aurora, Asia, Darcey, Pandora, Allegro

Human ferret names

Herbie, Adriana, Sandy, Bobby, Acker, Arnold, Athena, Percy, Collin, Ozwald

Cute ferret names

Tess, Tomba, Alfie, Kookaburra, Peanut, Paddington, Bess, Meg, Megan, Tricky

Silly ferret names

Acer, Snowman, Blake, Alpine, Ace, Penelope, Herman, Auston, Gringo, Tricky