Ferret Names

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We have loads of names for ferrets for you to browse though - categorised so that you can find the perfect name. Enjoy!

Male ferret names

Midget, Neddy, Arnie, Percy, Gouda, Acer, Bud, Kookaburra, Spaghetti, Blake

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Female ferret names

Rowena, Achemy, Kookaburra, Boston, Cloudy, Spooky, Peanut, Adriana, Cottonball, Dani

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Traditional ferret names

Alf, Chloe, Harry, Alfie, Holly, Angel, Ginger, Rosy, Tess, Sam

Popular ferret names

Tess, Whisky, Alfi, Charlie, Alfie, Bonnie, Rosy, Daisy, Darcey, Chloe

Funny ferret names

Penelope, Beefeater, Kookaburra, Barnacle, Xena, Babe, Calypso, Apollo, Spades, Pebbles

Weird ferret names

Crimson, Alpine, Sorbet, Candi, Captain Marvel, Solomon, Goldilocks, Gunther, Casanova, Goblin

Foreign ferret names

Anais, Athena, Darcey, Socrates, Symphony, Kookaburra, Rocco, Amazon, Adelina, Nijinsky

Human ferret names

Bessie, Atlas, Allie, Baldwin, Roxy, Darcey, Tinker Bell, Adelina, Auston, Bruno

Cute ferret names

Hamlet, Rufus, Tricky, Bess, Herbie, Peanut, Biscuit, Blackie, Bucky, Harry

Silly ferret names

Gremlin, Spaghetti, Casanova, Goblin, Tinker Bell, Herman, Nijinsky, Ruffles, Butler, Bumper