Fish Names

Check out this page if you are looking for fish names! Our fish names database is here to help you choose the perfect fish name.

With thousands of fish names to 'swim through', we know how difficult it can be to find the perfect one. Our fish names have been split into categories just for you. Good luck!

Male fish names

Charlie, Barney, Alastair, Harry, Fishface, Cod, Orlando, Morgan, Alfi, Acer

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Female fish names

Badge, Marissa, Spud, George, Wanda, Babe, Flounder, Carmel, Bessie, Asia

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Traditional fish names

Bait, Scales, Cass, Bud, Charlie, Bonnie, Sushi, Blackie, Daisy, Chloe

Popular fish names

Snapper, Bubbler, Tiger, Gills, Pike, Alfi, Daisy, Jewel, Fishcake, Stinger

Funny fish names

Maverick, Acker, Almonds, Marshmallow, Speedy, Wiggler, Trumpet, Fishcake, Bream, Allegro

Weird fish names

Solomon, Hippo, Ali Baba, Tangiers, Gomez, Gums, Morticia, Alcatraz, Popsicle, Sorbet

Foreign fish names

Gringo, Allegro, Symphony, Solomon, Cleopatra, Yang, Calypso, Ying, Gomez, Camembert

Human fish names

Holly, Zelda, Olga, Able, Adolfina, Anais, Charlie, Sam, Pearl, Basil

Cute fish names

Squirt, Presley, Cutie, Cotton, Hoover, Conger, Calypso, Wavy, Abagail, Herbie

Silly fish names

Strawberry, Danielle, Samson, Licorice, Maverick, Lexus, Archibald, Amadeus, Chunky, Catfish