Guinea Pig Names

This section is devoted to guinea pig names. These fluffy little friends all deserve a great name, so if you are looking for guinea pig name ideas, you have found the right place!

It is important to settle on your perfect guinea pig name, so we have loads to choose from! They are categorised for you, making it even easier. Good luck!

Male guinea pig names

Frankie, Smokey, Peanut, Augustus, Licorice, Alfie, Ross, Basil, Biscuit, Archie

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Female guinea pig names

Ruby, Babe, Blossom, Camembert, Sammy, Brooke, Sadie, Clementine, Frankie, Paris

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Traditional guinea pig names

Alf, Rosy, Harry, Bud, Fudge, Barney, Chloe, Bonnie, Alfie, Admiral

Popular guinea pig names

Fudge, Alfi, Daisy, Barney, Holly, Sam, Calypso, Chloe, Alf, Angel

Funny guinea pig names

Bumper, Tinsel, Cotton, Tricky, Gouda, Solomon, Barnacle, Adagio, Buttercup, Achemy

Weird guinea pig names

Pepsi, Athena, Scuba, Goblin, Spaghetti, Solomon, Kookaburra, Crimson, Comet, Captain Marvel

Foreign guinea pig names

Gringo, Calypso, Boris, Asia, Anais, Aurora, Solomon, Kookaburra, Pandora, Abraham

Human guinea pig names

Percy, Bessie, Rufus, Arnold, Megan, Gavin, Alf, Roxy, Gunther, Able

Cute guinea pig names

Sweetie, Muffin, Harry, Annie, Mozart, Alfie, Smudge, Carolina, Bessie, Piper

Silly guinea pig names

Symphony, Alpaca, Ace, Cajun, Boris, Basket, Lexus, Puddles, Oasis, Tinker Bell