Hamster Names

So you are thinking about naming a hamster?! This hamster names page bring you all the hamster name ideas you need to help you along your way.

Choosing the right name is very important, so this hamster names database is sure to help. Pick a name that you like, whether it be silly, weird, cute or traditional!

Male hamster names

Fudge, Amazon, Adagio, Bruno, Beefeater, Yoda, Solomon, Paddy, Cotton, Sorbet

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Female hamster names

Angelica, Clover, Mystique, Alaska, Barnacle, Pebbles, Buttercup, Paris, Whisky, Bumper

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Traditional hamster names

Whisky, Blackie, Bud, Daisy, Tess, Alfi, Charlie, Alf, Cass, Sam

Popular hamster names

Cass, Alfie, Charlie, Bud, Angel, Blackie, Harry, Alfi, Fudge, Whisky

Funny hamster names

Allegro, Morris, Adagio, Boris, Morticia, Snowman, Camembert, Bishop, Bazooka, Snoppy

Weird hamster names

Gouda, Kookaburra, Tinker Bell, Goldilocks, Spooky, 8-ball, Hector, Tinsel, Cajun, Yoda

Foreign hamster names

Asia, Abraham, Adelina, Alpine, Beethoven, Mozart, Carolina, Adolfina, Camembert, Titan

Human hamster names

Rufus, Ariel, Alexandrea, Percy, Bonnie, Bryani, Amy, Gavin, Nathan, Acker

Cute hamster names

Tomtom, Harry, Polly, Rosy, Ellie, Calypso, Tigger, Orlando, Annie, Meg

Silly hamster names

Widget, Peanut, Nijinsky, Cottonball, Barbie, Mercedes, Apollo, Biscuit, Hector, Pumpkin