Rabbit Names

Rabbits are really cute creatures and they deserve a great name. Welcome to our rabbit names page!

Devoted to rabbits names, this section will give you all the rabbit name ideas you need to make the right decision. We know it is a difficult name, so we have categorised hundreds of example rabbit names for you.

Have a look around, and browse through the categories. Good luck in finding the perfect rabbit name!

Male rabbit names

Muffin, Morris, Busker, Blake, Sammy, Alf, Midget, Barnacle, Aladdin, Angus

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Female rabbit names

Violet, Sammy, Cloudy, Charlie, Kookaburra, Tigger, Barnacle, Alexandrea, Bobby, Fudge

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Traditional rabbit names

Fudge, Barney, Ginger, Admiral, Calypso, Alfie, Tess, Harry, Angel, Darcey

Popular rabbit names

Ellie, Daisy, Rosy, Alf, Admiral, Cass, Bonnie, Holly, Fudge, Barney

Funny rabbit names

Tinker Bell, Smudge, Daffodil, Blake, Symphony, Soldier, Oasis, Princess, Hamlet, Bishop

Weird rabbit names

Gouda, Busker, Tomtom, Spades, Yoda, Solomon, Morticia, Gomez, Captain Marvel, Buffy

Foreign rabbit names

Pacino, Adriana, Obelix, Caesar, Xena, Gouda, Calypso, Darcey, Mozart, Carolina

Human rabbit names

Hector, Bryani, Barney, Bartholomew, Morris, Bessie, Ruby, Ellie, Auston, Socrates

Cute rabbit names

Ace, Polly, Barnaby, Fifi, Muffin, Whisky, Comet, Alex, Sammy, Bumper

Silly rabbit names

Tomtom, Buttercup, Candi, Ruffles, Scruffy, Vanilla, Archibald, Boris, Gremlin, Arnie