Retriever sitting in grass


Retriever sitting in grass


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Guinea Pig Hides

Help your guinea pig feel safe and exhibit their natural behaviours by buying them a guinea pig hide. Find out which we think is the best guinea pig hide and why!

Cat Litter Freshener

Keep cat litter trays fresh and fragrant between refreshes with cat litter freshener. For extra hygiene, choose a litter freshener with antibacterial action.

Plastic Cat Beds

Plastic cat beds are ideal for kittens or cats that are older of infirm. They are durable, hygienic and easy to clean. Find out which we think is the best.

High Sided Cat Litter Trays

High sided cat litter trays, ideal for older cats, reduce mess from spilt litter and toilet accidents, improving hygiene. Find out which litter trays are best.

Bamboo Dog Bowls

Bamboo dog bowls are strong, super sustainable and naturally antibacterial, so are perfect for your pooch and the planet. Find out which we think is best.

Cocoon Dog Beds

Cocoon dog beds are a warm, secure place for your dog, especially if he suffers with anxiety or joint stiffness. Find out which cocoon bed we think is best.

Folding Guinea Pig Runs

To stay happy and healthy, guinea pigs need space to run and climb. A folding guinea pig run is easy to transport and provides a safe exercise space anywhere.

Rabbit Hide Houses

Pet rabbits need a place to hide away on their own, to rest, relax, and feel safe. A rabbit hide house is the perfect solution, but which should you choose?

Tartan Dog Beds

Whether you're a Scottish dog-owner, the owner of a Scottish dog breed, or just love the tartan look, we'll help you find the right tartan dog bed for your pooch.

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