If you love cats, then this is the place to be! Our feline friends make brilliant pets, they're great! Cats are beautiful creatures, and this section is devoted to them! Find cat facts, cat photos, cat help, cat information and much, much more. Get you nibblers into the cat articles listed below, or use the cat links dotted around the page. Meow, meow! Enjoy.

Pettex Cat Litter

Want to reduce the mess, smells & bacteria from your cat litter tray? These effective, high-quality Pettex Cat Litter products can help. Find out which is best!

Cat Litter Freshener

Keep cat litter trays fresh and fragrant between refreshes with cat litter freshener. For extra hygiene, choose a litter freshener with antibacterial action.

Plastic Cat Beds

Plastic cat beds are ideal for kittens or cats that are older of infirm. They are durable, hygienic and easy to clean. Find out which we think is the best.

High Sided Cat Litter Trays

High sided cat litter trays, ideal for older cats, reduce mess from spilt litter and toilet accidents, improving hygiene. Find out which litter trays are best.

Cat Igloo Beds

Cat igloo beds give your cat a cosy, warm hideaway where they can sleep or just watch the world go by! Let us help you pick the perfect igloo bed for your cat.

Cat Cave Beds

Cat cave beds are the ideal choice for cats, providing them with a warm, soft and private safe haven to retreat to. Find out which cave bed we recommend and why.

Donut Cat Beds

Give your cat a better night's sleep and great joint support with a warm, snug donut cat bed. Read our tips on choosing the best donut bed for your cat.

Naturo Cat Food

Naturo cat food isn't just a healthy choice, it's a yummy one too. Whether it's chicken, turkey, salmon or tuna, your feline friend is sure to love Naturo's wet cat food.

Wood Base Cat Litter

Wood based cat litter is an absorbent, environmentally friendly and odour free solution for any cat litter tray. Wood based litter is our preferred choice - is it yours?

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