If you love cats, then this is the place to be! Our feline friends make brilliant pets, they're great! Cats are beautiful creatures, and this section is devoted to them! Find cat facts, cat photos, cat help, cat information and much, much more. Get you nibblers into the cat articles listed below, or use the cat links dotted around the page. Meow, meow! Enjoy.

Wood base cat litter

Woodbase cat litter is an absorbent, environmentally friendly and odour free solution for any cat litter tray. Wood based litter is our preferred choice - is it yours?

Helping your overweight cat to lose weight

A healthy cat is a happy cat - an overweight cat isn't. Helping your overweight cat to lose weight is important for their health and well-being. Here's our guide to cat weight loss.

Choosing a cat bed

It's important that your cat love it's bed. So when it comes to buying one - you'll need to make the right decision! Here's our guide to choosing the perfect bed for your cat.

Kitten Beds

Every kitten needs a place to sleep and a kitten bed is the perfect solution. Here's the snuggest kitten beds we've found!

Feather Cat Toys

Every cat needs a toy or two - and a feather cat toy is sure to be a popular choice. Armed with colorful and teasing feathers, these toys are sure to entertain your feline friend for hours on end!

Infrared Cat Flaps

Infrared cat flaps are ingenious devices that will help let your cats into the house, but keep neigbourhood cats out! Here's an introduction to infrared cat flaps.

Cat Feeding Mats

A cat feeding mat is the perfect accessory to any feline mealtime. Helping to keep the floor free from crumbs, grime and spillages; here's a great selection of feeding mats for cats.

Scratching Pads and Boards

Scratching pads and board helps cats feed their desire to scratch, whether on the floor or against a wall. Great for cats and their claws.

Wicker Cat Baskets

A wicker cat basket is the perfect place for any feline to snuggle up and have a nice warm nap. Here's a hand-weaved selection of wicker cat baskets just for you and your feline friend!