Cat Cave Beds

Just like humans, cats find it easier to relax when they're warm, safe and snug. That's why so many of our feline friends love cat cave beds!

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What is a cat cave bed?

To put it simply, a cat cave bed is a cat bed shaped like a cave. They're also sometimes called an igloo cat bed, tent cat bed, cat pod, cat sleeping bag, cat house, cat pouch, hooded cat bed or cat tunnel bed. Styles vary, but they all have an opening for your cat to climb in and out and a partial or full roof.

Why do cats love cave beds?

Owners choose cave beds for cats because they tick the boxes on their cat's list of 'favourite things'. Most cats like to be warm (consider how they seek the sunlight and cuddle up to radiators) and enjoy a soft, plush surface (like your jumper or favourite cushion!). They also like to tuck themselves into enclosed spaces where they can feel safe, secure and snug!

A cat cave bed can provide all these features for your cat, and with a wide variety of colours, styles and sizes available, you'll have no problems finding a stylish cat cave bed that doesn't just suit your cat, but your budget and décor too! Some cave beds are suitable for outdoor use, so you can move your cat's bed to the garden and give them a nap space with a view.

Choosing the right cat cave bed

Choose the right style and features

While you want your cat to be snug, they will need room to stretch out, so check dimensions carefully - if you have a bigger breed, look specifically for a large cat cave bed.

Think about where it will be used and the features you need. Do you want a waterproof bed? One that's suitable for outdoor use or washable? Some cave beds have removable roofs and removable floor pads. There are also heated cat cave beds to keep your cat even cosier!

Check out the different styles too. Some are only partially roofed or have a fold-down roof. Others are completely solid or have a solid base with a softer tent-style top. There are pods, sleeping bags, soft pouches; you and your cat really are spoiled for choice!

Choose the right look and materials

Cave beds are available in various materials including fabric, plastic and wicker, with a variety of prints, designs and colours. Grey cat cave beds are popular because grey tends to blend in with the décor of any room, but you might want to choose a one with a funky pattern like spots, stripes or animal prints - or even one that look like a pumpkin or a cat head!

Read cat cave bed reviews

With so many options to choose from, selecting the right one to buy may seem a bit overwhelming! We give our recommendation below, but to find the right bed for your cat, make a shortlist and then read reviews to see what other cat owners think of them.

Our recommendation for the best cat cave bed

We think that right now, the best cat cave bed in the UK is the Bedsure Cat Cave Bed with Removable Washable Pillow.

This stylish tent-shaped bed has study walls that curve up to form the roof. High density foam provides support and comfort and there's also a removable, washable pillow - ideal if you have a kitten, or an older or poorly cat prone to wee accidents. The top of this bed is collapsible, too, so it can be used as a normal cat bed.

Reviewers love the high quality and sturdy construction of this model and feel it's surprisingly low-priced for a top-class cat cave bed.

  • Converts to normal bed
  • Removable, washable pillow
  • Strong and durable
  • Leather carry handle
  • Non-slip base

Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy a cave cat bed?

You can buy cave beds at stores such as B&M, Lidl, Argos and Pets at Home, or through online retailers such as Amazon.

Why do cats like cave beds?

Cats instinctively seek places to hide away, particularly when they want to relax or sleep - and they love to stay warm! Cave beds give them peace and privacy in a cosy, snug place of their own.

Can I make my own cat cave bed?

Anything is possible, but you will need skills in several areas to make a sturdy DIY cat cave bed! So unless you're an expert craftsperson and tailor, it's probably much easier (and even cheaper) to buy a good quality cat cave bed that's been tried and tested by both the company and reviewers.

Ready to buy a cat cave bed?

To see a range of options and cat cave bed reviews, just search for 'cat cave bed' on Amazon, then make your final choice. Before you know it, your fluffy feline will be snugger than a bug in a rug!

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