Cat Feeding Mats

Mealtimes are serious business for hard-working felines, and sometimes there's quite a mess left to show for it. Instead of constantly mopping that one area of the room (or having to scrub your carpet several times a day), why not invest in a sweet cat feeding mat for your moggy?

They're great for protecting from excessive spills and wet food smears, keeping feeding corner as pristine as the rest of your home.

Cat feeding mats come in a vast range of shapes, sizes, colours and materials so you can find the perfect may for your kitty. Here are some helpful hints for picking the right one.

Rubber mats

Look for a rubber mat if you can: it prevents the mat from slipping around the floor during excitable mealtimes.

Ideally, you need a mat that's rubber on the top and the bottom. The rubberised top finish is handy for splashy drinkers: it couldn't be simpler to mop up those spills. Feeding mats with slightly raised edges are great for keeping everything contained while your little darling eats. When they're finished, you can just pick it up and wipe it into the bin or sink.

Another advantage of rubber mats is that you can usually pop them in a dishwasher to be cleaned at the end of the day (though check the manufacturer's advice before doing so). Make sure you buy quality rubber to avoid it discolouring over time.

Plastic mats

Plastic mats are also great for ease of cleaning. Water in particular is easy to wipe off with a dishcloth or paper towel and wet food smudges can be spirited away in seconds.

However, plastic mats can tend to be a little flimsy and, if they don't have a rubber base, they can be prone to slipping around while your cat eats, especially if they dine on the tiles.

Absorbent tops

There are plenty of feeding mats on the market that boast an absorbent top layer and a rubberised, non-slip base. Water splashers in particular will enjoy watching their efforts being soaked up and pushing the mat to its limits.

A well-designed cat feeding mat will allow you to throw it in the washing machine from time to time to give it a good, deep clean.

Novelty mats

Always a popular choice (though it's more for you than your feline friend), novelty mats are a fun way to brighten up your pet's feeding time and protect your floors too.

Choose from fancy fish shapes, VIP mats and 'Beware - hungry pet!' prints. These make great gifts for pet-mad friends, especially those whose feeding corners are always on the soggy side.

Personalised mats

If you really feel like spoiling your kitty, check out cute designs that can be personalised with their name and a special message so that they really feel like they own their chomping corner! No dogs allowed...

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