Cat Igloo Beds

While no two cats are the same (they all have their little quirks!), there are some things most cats have in common. They like their independence and to go off by themselves for a while; they like a concealed place to observe what's going on; they love to be warm; and they prefer to lie on something soft (usually something you really don't want cat hairs all over!). That's why cats love the enclosed, cosy feel of cat igloo beds.

What is a cat igloo bed?

Cat igloo beds are like a hug in bed form! They give your cat a private hideaway where they can rule their own small domain - and sneakily peek out to see what you're up to or observe birds through the window.

They come in a variety of styles and sometimes have alternative names: tent cat bed, cat pod, cat sleeping bag, cat house bed, cat pouch, hooded cat bed or cat tunnel bed. But whatever style of igloo bed you choose, it will be an enclosed, cave-like bed with an entrance, and a comfortable floor or pillow. This makes your cat feel cosy, comfortable, warm and secure.

There are igloo beds for outdoor use, too, so in the warmer months, your cat can enjoy the fresh air and those tantalising outdoor smells from their 'hide'!

Choosing the right igloo bed


Tent? Sleeping bag? Pouch or pod? Look at examples to see which ones you think your cat would like. Some have removable or fold-down roofs.


Igloo beds can be made of solid materials like plastic or wicker, but many are made of foam, fabric, and fabric-covered board. Think about where it will be placed if you want to ensure a good match with your décor. There are a host of designs to choose from: what about a pink cat igloo bed or one with ears? A bold pattern? Or a more sedate grey bed that will blend in wherever you put it?


Igloo beds are meant to be snug, but you want to make sure your moggy has room to shift position, especially if they're a super-sized cat. If they are, look for an extra-large or large cat igloo bed, and check the dimensions carefully before purchasing.


Look out for useful benefits like washable walls, removable pillows or even underfloor heating! Yes, you can get a heated cat igloo bed for your furry feline, and that might be ideal for a kitten or older cat who needs extra warmth. A heated bed can also ease stiffness in cats with joint problems.

If you're bewildered by the choice, make a shortlist based on what's important to you (and your cat!), then read reviews to help you make your final selection.

Our recommendation for the best cat igloo bed

Our top choice is the Bedsure Cat Igloo Bed with Removable Washable Cushion. This plush cat igloo bed is sturdy yet soft, with a triangular opening that allows Felix to keep an eye on things!

With its sophisticated design, high quality dark grey fabric, handy leather carry candle and removable, washable pillow - invaluable if your cat is inclined to have accident - the Bedsure Cat Igloo Bed easily wins our vote. The top section can also be folded down to convert it into a luxurious normal cat bed.

Reviewers love the way it looks, the quality of the manufacture, and how their cats love it straightaway! It won't break the bank either, so it's a model well worth considering for your cat.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I buy a cat igloo bed?

You can purchase igloo cat beds online through retailers like Amazon and the stores and websites of companies like Pets at Home and Argos - or pop along to a store like B&M or Aldi.

Why do cats like igloo beds?

An igloo bed is soft, warm and private, making your cat feel cosy and secure. They like their own space sometimes - but they do like that space to be warm and comfortable!

How do I encourage my cat to use an igloo bed?

Many cats seem to instantly fall in love with their new bed, but if your cat doesn't, ensure you've placed the bed somewhere your cat likes to spend time. Pop a familiar blanket, cushion or toy inside, or try hiding a delicious cat treat in there!

Cat contentment!

Owners of these beds tend to be big fans, mentioning how contented their cats are and how their cats love to spend time in their hideaway bed! To look at a wide variety of styles, models and reviews before you make your choice, simply search for 'cat igloo bed' on Amazon.

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