Cat Litter Freshener

You may love your moggy, but you're probably less keen on their litter tray and the smells it produces. Cat litter freshener can help to reduce the odours from your cat's litter tray, making litter change time less unpleasant and preventing the surrounding area from becoming a no-go zone!

What is cat litter freshener?

A cat litter deodoriser or freshener is designed to reduce and/or mask the unpleasant odours from your cat's litter tray. Unless you're scooping and replacing litter several times a day (something nobody has time to do!), your cat's litter tray will sometimes get smelly. Even the quick wee you didn't notice can make litter smell in a surprisingly short time! This can make the litter tray room a place you and your visitors try to avoid.

Cat litter air fresheners usually have a scent of their own to mask the smells from your cat's toilet visits, as well as ingredients to absorb odours. Some fresheners are also designed to kill bacteria. This helps to keep the tray more hygienic, which is better for your cat and your home. Preventing bacterial build-up can also help reduce odours.

Litter deodoriser or freshener is usually in the form of a spray or a cat litter freshener powder.

How to freshen cat litter

DO: Sprinkle cat litter freshener powder over litter or spray it with cat litter deodoriser every time you refresh it. This should keep smells at bay in between tray changes.

DON'T: Use household sprays or air fresheners on the litter or near your cat's litter tray. Not only may they smell awful to your cat, making them avoid their tray, but they could be dangerous to your cat's health too.

Our choice for best cat litter freshener: Bob Martin Cat Litter Freshener

We think the best air freshener for cat litter is Bob Martin Stay Fresh Cat Litter Freshener, available in a 400g size. To get the best value for money, we recommend this 4 Pack of Bob Martin Stay Fresh Cat Litter Freshener 400g.

Founded in 1892 by Robert Martin, Bob Martin is one of the biggest and most well-respected pet care brands, dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality products.

Their cat litter freshener powder doesn't just mask odours, but also kills 99% of harmful bacteria. This helps to improve hygiene in your home and keep your cat healthy. The antibacterial action also helps to reduce odour, while the pleasant 'Baby Soft' scent masks any lingering smells.

  • Antibacterial action for improved hygiene and health
  • Easy to use
  • Ensures cat litter trays stay smelling fresh and fragrant
  • Great value multipack

Reviewers love the effectiveness of this cat litter freshener and its scent, which is strong enough to cover odours but not overpowering. It also gets the thumbs up (toe beans up?) from cats who have previously refused to go near their tray when other fresheners have been used.

Frequently asked questions

How do I make homemade cat litter freshener?

If you want to make DIY cat litter freshener, ensure you only use cat-friendly ingredients. Be aware that:

  • Some essential oils are dangerous for cats, and even those that are safe should be well-diluted. Check with your vet or a proper veterinary website to see which oils are safe.
  • Some sites suggesting DIY cat litter freshener recipes recommend ingredients that are not safe for cats.

Cat litter freshener powder recipes:

  • Both baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) and corn-starch are good at absorbing odours, and basil, lemon-balm and sage are aromatic, kitty-safe herbs. To check if a herb is safe for your cat, check this useful list of toxic and non-toxic plants from the ASPCA. Mix your choice of dried herbs with an equal amount of baking soda or corn-starch. This homemade litter freshener powder can be scattered at the bottom of the tray, mixed with the cat litter, or sprinkled over the top.
  • Loose leaf green tea has antibacterial properties and will absorb odours. Pick a decaffeinated version or brew and dry the leaves before use.

Cat litter freshener spray recipe:

Vinegar is great for killing germs and neutralising smells but can be rather smelly itself (although its odour fades as it dries). Boil your favourite cat-friendly herbs for 15 minutes in water. Mix equal parts of the water with vinegar to make a simple cat litter deodorising spray.

How do I get rid of cat litter smell?

  1. Choose low dust, clumping litters and scoop out dirty litter daily if possible.
  2. Empty and clean litter trays at least once a month.
  3. Discard boxes once they're scratched or damaged; damaged areas can harbour bacteria.
  4. Try to place your cat's litter tray in a well-ventilated space.

Where can I buy cat litter freshener?

You can buy cat litter freshener on Amazon and online pet goods retailers, in supermarkets and high street stores such as Tesco, Wilko, Asda, B&M, Sainsbury's and Morrisons, or at specialist pet stores such as Pets at Home.

To view a selection of cat litter fresheners and read a range of reviews, search for cat litter freshener on Amazon. This will help you decide on the perfect cat litter air freshener spray or cat litter freshener powder for you and your cat!

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