Water Drinking Fountains and Dispensers for Cats

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A pet fountain for your cat is a great way to ensure your feline friend has access to clean and fresh water around the clock. There's quite a few available on the market to buy, so here's a quick introduction to pet drinking fountains for your cat.

Perhaps the most popular pet drinking fountain at the moment is the Cat Mate Pet Fountain (picture to the right).

This fountain keeps water oxygenated by virtue of moving the water around constantly. It's clever design also features multi-height drinking levels so small cats, tall cats, young cats and old cats can drink in comfort.

This particular model has a capacity of 2 litres which helps to make sure there's water throughout the day and even longer.

The Cat Mate Pet Fountain 355 in particular boasts the following features:

  • Maximum water flow to keep the water oxygenated
  • Multi-height drinking levels for cats of all sizes and ages
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Replaceable built-in carbon filters for extra purification
  • A quiet water pump

More information

Cat drinking fountains are a great time and worry saver - they help ensure that their water is always clean and available. It's a great health benefit for any cat.

When choosing a cat water fountain, try and find out as much about it as you can. Perhaps one of the most important considerations is the noise it makes. From our research and experience, we have found that the Cat Mate range are amazingly quiet.

As these fountains come in different sizes and capacities, make sure you choose one that will suit your cats if you have more than one. The more cats (or dog too for that matter), the more capacity you will need).

Try and find out how long the electrical lead is too - if you buy one that is really short, you might not be able to place is somewhere suitable.

Here at Loving Your Pet, we have a cat water fountain. It's especially amusing to see one of our cats choosing not to drink from the bowl, but instead carefully slurp from the falling stream of water from the fountain instead!

We thoroughly recommend buying a drinking fountain for your cat. It's a great way to ensure your cat can drink fresh water at any time during the day or night!

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