CatIt Senses Toys for Cats

Cats need plenty of stimulation, exercise and interaction. That is why is it very important to keep them entertained and amused. By doing so, you cat is more likely to be in tip-top health and less likely to exhibit bad behaviour!

Catit Senses Toys are a wide range of inventive cat products that are meant to enrich a cat by motivating its senses. You can help stimulate the cat's sense of touch, sight, smell, sound, and taste.

Catit Senses Play Circuit

The Catit Senses Play is a bestseller because of it's great innovation. It is designed to be huge fun for your cat and help keep their natural instincts in tact. Aside from this, the CatIt Senses Play Circuit can stimulate their sense of sight, sound, and touch. The track has a peek-a-boo design so that cats can see and swat the ball as it whizzes past.

The ball has a swirl pattern so that it can attract the cat's attention. Your cat will absolutely love this toy because it can spot the ball, chase it and strike it and ultimately 'get' it. You can really keep your cat occupied with this toy. The Play Circuit is easy to assemble and will keep your cats (and you) entertained for many, many hours!

CatIt Senses Speed Circuit

The CatIt Senses Speed Circuit combines sight, sound, and touch, just like the Play Circuit. The difference is a much greater speed, however, because of the coaster ramps. There is an illuminated and colourful ball that moves fast in the elevated tracks. This adds more to the fun and interactivity of the toy. The ball is motion-activated and flashing to keep your cat excited and fixated. If you want to expand the set, you can always add another track.

CatIt Senses Food Maze

The CatIt Senses Food Maze is a great way to feed your cat and avoiding your cat eating too fast, which can lead to a number of health problems. In this food maze, your cat moves the food or the treat in the maze by pawing through the openings on the sides until the food drops to the food tray.

The Food Maze can benefit your cat by promoting physical and mental activity. Overeating and obesity in cats can be corrected with the use of this great tool. Your cat can work for food and the amount of food is controlled. The maze has side cut-outs where the cat moves the food and the food tray is where the food is collected. There is even an 'acu-pressure' mat that will give your cat a quick paw massage as they collect their food.

If you want to occupy your cat, CatIt products are definitely a great solution. By keeping your cat occupied for hours you will not only promote mental and physical fitness, but help to prevent boredom and bad behaviour.

Here at Loving Your Pet, our review of the CatIt range is top-notch! Our cats simply love to play with these fantastic interactive toys.

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