What is Catnip?!

Catnip is actually a herb which belongs to the mint family, and was originally native to only Europe.

Catnip can cause many weird and wonderful reactions for cats - mostly funny and soppy ones!

What Does Catnip Do To My Cat?!

Cats will often roll around in catnip, lick it, sniff it, drool in it, and all sorts. This effect will usually last no more than 5 minutes, but to the cat, it is 5 minutes of catnip heaven! Cats sometimes appear to be drunk, wobbly or noisy as its' effect take place.

It is possible, though very unlikely, that your cat will become aggressive when exposed to catnip. The advice here is not to use it, and not to buy catnip-based cat toys! Some cats are totally unaffected by it!

The catnip effect will wear off for a short while, and it may by one or two hours later before it can have an effect again on your cat.

Catnip in Toys

Cats love a good toy to chase, poke and beat up. But a catnip cat toy will add a whole new level!

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