Ceramic Cat Bowls

Below you will find a fantastic range of ceramic cat bowls. From plain ones to patterened ones, large ones to small ones, there is bound to be the perfect bowl for your feline friend!

You probably don't care what your cat's bowl is made out of - but when it comes to choosing one, a ceramic cat bowl is a top choice! Here is an introduction to ceramic cat bowls.

These days, it generally doesn't cost any more to buy a ceramic bowl rather than a plastic one. It's likely that your cat will thank you for choosing ceramic too!


Ceramic bowls for cats are useful and have practical features that you probably haven't thought of! Thees are:

  • Easy to clean - ceramic cat bowls are very easy to wipe clean or wash up. They are dishwasher friendly too.
  • Nice and heavy - as they are relatively heavy, ceramic cat bowls sit firmly on the floor and are near impossible for your cat to turn upside down
  • Durable - these bowls are long-lasting, tough and solid!
  • Hygienic - since they are easy to clean and have a smooth surface, they are generally much more hygienic than other bowls
  • Unlikely to slide - your cat will find it hard to budge a ceramic bowl and it's less likely to slide about whilst being scoffed from!
  • Won't be chewed - some cats may decide to be naughty and chew their cat bowl. This won't happen with a ceramic one
  • Less spillage - because ceramic cat bowls are heavy, solid and unlikely to slide about, there's less clean up work for you after dinner time!

How do I choose one?!

Choosing a ceramic cat bowl shouldn't be too difficult. Other than ensuring that it's a good quality, you'll need to make sure it's the right size. If your cat is a hungry tiger, you don't want to buy a small ceramic bowl for a kitten!

You should have plenty of choice when it comes to colour and design. Whether it's white, brown, pink or blue, you should be spoiled for choice. You can even buy patterned or personalised ceramic cat bowls!

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