Donut Cat Beds

Nobody likes the thought of their cat being chilly or uncomfortable overnight, or during their many cat naps during the day! A plush donut cat bed gives your favourite feline a place to curl up in comfort for forty winks and can be especially beneficial for older cats or those with joint conditions.

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What is a donut cat bed?

This type of cat bed is named for its shape: it's a donut shaped cat bed! If you want a calmer, more contented kitty and a better night's sleep yourself, a donut cat bed can help.

The internal hollow is soft but supportive, ensuring a good night's sleep for all cats and a comfier experience for furry felines with stiff joints. The raised rim keeps out draughts and provides a snug area that you cat will soon warm up with the heat of its body. It helps your cat to feel safe and secure in their own protected little place, and provides support for their back (or their head, if they're a cat who likes a pillow!).

Cats love to curl up to sleep, so they fit perfectly into the middle of their cosy donut. For an even warmer and more luxurious experience for your cat, choose a fluffy donut cat bed, which is bound to get them purring!

Choosing the right donut cat bed

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right donut bed for your cat:


Most donut cat beds have removable covers, but not all are machine washable, so check before you buy. Some also have an anti-slip bottom to ensure they stay in place on smooth, slippery floors.


Check the actual measurements! You want your cat to feel snug and some donut cat beds are listed as suitable for dogs and cats, so don't presume 'extra-large' will be right for your large tom cat - it might be made for extra-large dogs!


Your cat may not have an opinion on a pink donut cat bed, but you probably do! Think about where your donut cat bed will go and pick a colour that complements your décor!

Green credentials

No, we're not talking about the colour again here, but whether the materials and/or production are eco-friendly.


What do other cat owners say about the durability, ease of use and comfort of the donut cat beds on your shortlist?

Our Recommended Bestseller: Plush Donut Pet Bed

This Plush Donut Pet Bed from Muswanna has thousands of rave reviews on Amazon, and it's easy to see why. With a luxuriously furry cover and a deep, supportive base, it will make you want to curl up in it - your cat won't get a look in. With a choice of five colours, including pink and grey, you'll easily find a shade to suit your room, and it's available at a great price with free delivery. Reviewers say it comes up on the small side, with cat owners often finding the medium ideal.

  • Fluffy and soft
  • Removable, machine washable cover - can be tumble-dried
  • Available in three sizes: M, L and XL
  • Non-toxic and mould-proof
  • Anti-slip bottom

Answered: Your questions about donut cat beds

Here are some FAQs about donut cat beds:

How do I wash my cat's donut bed?

Always check the instructions for how to wash it. While many donut cat beds have a removable cover, some aren't suitable for machine washing. Other donut cat beds should just be wiped clean.

How can I help my cat get used to their new donut bed?

  • Put in in a place where they already love to snuggle up or where their existing cat bed is.
  • Catch their interest with catnip! This will encourage them to roll around in and sniff their new bed, getting used to the feel and marking it with their scent.
  • Train them with treats! Hold a treat in or over the cat bed. They don't get it until they're all the way in! Once they are, make a fuss of them.

Buying a donut cat bed

Donut cat beds are available from larger pet stores and online stores. If you're looking for a donut cat bed on Amazon, you'll find dozens to choose from and plenty of reviews to read. If your house if very chilly, though, consider heated cat beds and radiator cat beds too, as they will keep your cat extra cosy during winter.

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