Finding Your Missing Cat

If one of your cats goes missing, it can be a terrible time for all involved. This article gives you some tips and tricks to hopefully find your missing cat and put and end to the stress and worry.

Check Your Home Thoroughly

Whilst this sounds stupid, many people (including us at Loving Your Pet) have spent many hours or sometimes a whole day frantically searching the area for a missing cat when all along they were tucked up safely at home! Check under the bed, in drawers, in boxes, or anywhere that your cat may be snuggled up out of sight.

Cats often stroll innocently into sheds, garages or out buildings, only to be closed in accidentally. Check inside all of these and ask your neighbours to do the same thing.

Try contacting your local vets, cat rescue centres, breeders and clubs. Some will run a 'lost and found' register. If you think your missing cat has been stolen, notify the police of the theft of your cat.

Make Some Missing Cat Notices and Posters

Make a notice showing a description and photograph of your missing cat. Distribute the missing cat poster around the local area - deliver to nearby houses and perhaps stick one to the odd signpost or pole. Ask at the local shops, if you live near any, and see if they can put a copy in their window.

Tell People About Your Missing Cat

It can be very wise to tell the local newspaper delivery person, postman or milkman. As missing cats can adopt feral behaviour quite quickly, they are likely to be spotted in the early hours. If you live near a school, ask the head-teacher if an announcement can be made in assembly. This gets the message to a lot of local people about your missing cat.

If you have more than one cat and the missing one has a companion, it can be a good idea to take the companion out at night in a secure cat-carrier. The cat you are carrying is likely to meow, which might just mean your missing cat meows back, which might help you locate it.

There are also a number of websites online where you can report your missing cat. With the internet becoming more and more popular, this can be a great help.

When your cat has been found, always tell the people you have contacted. A lot of them will have spent time and effort helping with the search. If you suspect anything is wrong with your cat, contact your vet immediately.

Do not give up hope too quickly. Cats can go missing for numerous days (or more) at a time, but still either be found or turn up safely.

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