Frontline for Cats: Flea Treatment

Frontline Spot On for cats has somewhat revolutionised the treamtment of cats fleas. It's one of the market leaders and most popular brands when it comes to treating your cat for fleas.

Whilst there's other brands available, Frontline seems to be the most popular choice for cat owners who have a flea problem.

How does Frontline Spot On work?

Generally Frontline must be subscribed by a vet or other qualified professional to do so. It comes in small plastic pipettes which hold a small amount of the formula. This liquid is tipped onto the neck of a cat and the formula gets to work very quickly.

It will spread across your cat's fur and skin. It won't be absorbed into the body, making Frontline Spot On a really safe treatment for cat fleas. Within a few hours to a day, the formula will have spread across the body, killing fleas along the way.

Frontline will normally last around a month on cats, making it nice and long-lasting. Whilst it's a safe treatment, certain amounts should be applied to cats of different sizes, and only at particular intervals. You should ask your vet for advice and consult the instructions on the packet.

How good is Frontline Spot On?

The fleas on your cat will generally die within one day of coming into contact with the formula. You should remember, however, that many cat fleas in your house might not be living on your cat. They like warm areas like carpets and furniture too. Fleas lay eggs too, even in the fur of your cat. The can fall to the floor and hatch over time.

For this reason, Frontline should be used as an addition to other methods of controlling cat fleas both on your cat and in the home.

Is Frontline safe for my cat?

Frontline Spot On wouldn't be so popular if it wasn't safe. Little or none of the formula is absorbed into your cat's body. The only side-effects of using Frontline might be an allergic reaction behind the neck where it's applied. You may notice some inflamed skin and a little loss of hair. If you notice this, it's probably best not to use it again - consult your vet for advice.

To buy Frontline, speak to your vet or local pet shop. It's a market leader in the treamtment of cat fleas.

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