How Do I Know If My Cat Has Got Fleas?

Observe Cat Behaviour

Observation is the key to finding out whether or not your cat has fleas. You might notice that your cat is scratching more than usual, as fleas are a source of irritation. You may find that you cat is quieter or subdued if he/she has fleas, and may even be off their food. Keep your eyes open for this sort of behaviour.

Inspect Your Cat For Fleas

Other than observing your cat's behaviour, you will probably want to make a closer inspection to find out if your cat has fleas. Inspect the cat's fur - you may actually see fleas moving around and jumping. You may notice that parts of their fur are thinning, or their skin has become scabbed in certain areas. We recommend the following method for further physical inspection if you are still unsure.

Finding Cat Fleas

Firstly, carefully place your cat over your shoulder with some damp tissue underneath them. Run your fingers through their fur in all directions, all over. This can also be done with a fine comb, or cat flea comb - these can be purchased to make the job easier. You may see that some dark speck have collected on the damp tissue. If there are any stuck in the comb, be sure to place these on the damp tissue also.

If the specks turn a red-copper colour, your cat probably has fleas - so flea treatment is needed; as quickly as possible. The specks are actually the droppings of the flea, and the red-copper colour is actually the blood of the cat that the flea has been feeding on!

If you find a flea, and you have more than one pet, it can often be a good idea to assume that they all have fleas. Treat them all. Remember, quick treatment will help to stop the fleas reproducing, and to reduce the infestation.

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