High Sided Cat Litter Trays

A litter tray is one of the more practical, basic pet accessories, so you might not have given your purchase much thought. But there are different styles of cat litter tray, and desirable features to make life easier! A high sided cat litter tray could be the best choice for you, your cat and your home.

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What is a high sided cat litter tray?

High sided cat litter trays have, as you'd expect, higher sides than standard litter trays. However, they also have a low 'entrance' to make it easier for your cat to climb in and out. Some also have a removable rim to make them easier to clean.

Advantages of high sided cat litter trays

  • The high sides help contain the litter (and any included wee and poo!) inside the tray, so there's much less mess on the floor. In turn, this means reduced staining on your carpets or wood floors and reduced persistent odours.
  • The high sides give your cat more privacy. Some animals have a definite preference for only toileting where and when they can't be observed.
  • There's a lot less risk of your cat 'missing the target' with their wee or poo, as they're less likely to be able to straddle or step over the sides. Either they're in or they're out!

Choosing the right cat litter tray

There's a wide range of high sided cat litter trays to choose from. Brands including Purrshire, Van Ness, Cat Centre, PetSafe, Trixie and Kokoba offer a choice of styles and colours. They range from a basic tray to a multi-part self-cleaning model.

Some high sided litter trays come with a litter scoop, and you may be able to buy a bundle with litter or deodoriser. Reviews from purchasers are a good source of information. You can discover how easy different models are for cats to use and owners to clean!

Styles of high sided cat litter trays

When choosing a style, always think about where the litter tray will be kept and your cat's preferences. They will need easy access to feel happy using their tray.

Rectangular high sided litter trays

Some have three high sides, with a lowered entrance taking up all or part of the fourth side. Others have a very high back and sides that step or curve down towards the front, and an even lower front entrance.

Round or spherical high sided cat litter trays

Your cat might prefer a round litter tray, shaped more like a bowl, with a high point at the 'back', and 'sides' sloping down towards a low front entrance. There's also the option of a spherical, cave-like cat litter tray that completely encloses your cat, with a round entrance at the front.

Pick the right size and colour

Remember that your cat will need room to turn around and get comfortable, and to dig in the litter and cover their poo. As for colour, unless your cat speaks up, choose a colour that pleases you and suits the room. Many high sided cat litter trays are grey, but if your favourite colour is blue, green or red, you can find models available in these shades too.

Our top 3 high sided cat litter trays

We looked at the bestselling high sided cat litter trays in the UK to pick our top 3.

Best high sided cat litter tray with scoop

The Iris Ohyama Cat Litter Tray With High Sides is a practical, rectangular litter tray with uniform high sides.

  • Includes litter scoop which can be hung on the handy side hook
  • Large rim that lifts off for easy cleaning
  • Available in base colours of dark grey or taupe (large upper rim is white).

The taupe model is currently available at a fantastic price.

Reviewers love: how easy it is to assemble and clean.

Best budget high sided cat litter tray

The CatCentre Luxury Large Cat Litter Tray High Sided is great value and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

  • Available in pink, green, grey or blue
  • Stackable, making it easy to store and transport more than one tray
  • Rounded corners for easy cleaning

Reviewers love: how spacious the tray is, and that it's excellent value for money.

Best self-cleaning high sided cat litter tray

The 4-PETS Scoopless Litter Tray High Sided Rim is a self-cleaning litter tray with a lift-to-sift system. This saves time, effort and money, as clean litter can be saved and reused.

  • Self-cleaning: consists of a detachable rim, two pans and a sifting tray
  • Strong and durable
  • Made of pet-safe plastic
  • Good price for a high-quality, self-cleaning tray

Reviewers love: the amount of cat litter, time and money they save - and the reduced smell!

Frequently asked questions

Can high sided cat litter trays be used outdoors?

Check the product description. Many are fine to be used outdoors. However, if you're going to leave it out in bad weather, an enclosed, cave-style tray would be best.

Are high sided cat litter trays suitable for my elderly or infirm cat?

Yes! Older or inform cats are more prone to 'missing' the litter tray, starting to urinate or poo as they step over the side. With a high sided tray, your cat can't step inside, and the low step or opening gives them easy access. They're then quickly and safely inside the tray for toilet time!

How to buy

To read a range of reviews on a wide selection of models, search for high sided cat litter trays on Amazon. This will help you find the tray that suits you, your cat and you home. You can purchase high sided litter trays from online general retailers such as Amazon, online pet shops, and specialist pet stores like Pets at Home.

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