Longhair (Persian) Breed

The Persian, or longhair, is a most popular breed of cats. They are generally very sweet-natured, even tempered and not too demanding of your attention.

With their long, luxuriant fur, Persians are a truly glamourous breed and are available in such a wide range of coat colours and patterns that there should be a variety that appeals to even the most discerning of aesthetes. However, remember for all the 'plus' points, you must dedicate ten minutes or so a day to the maintenance of their costs.

Pros and Cons to the Longhair (Persian) Breed

Plus Points

  • Relatively undemanding
  • Quiet voices
  • Loving and sweet-natured
  • When adult, not usually overly active
  • Do not mind sharing their home with several other cats
  • Will not constantly pester you for games and attention
  • Good with children
  • Often happy to be a sole cat
Minus Points

  • Need regular, daily grooming
  • Long fur will show up more on your furnishings and carpets
  • Not so active as some breeds
  • Can be faddy eaters
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