Luxury Cat Beds

It's obvious we want to pamper our pet cats from time to time. Cats love to be warm, comfortable and snuggly. So what better way is there to combine both and buy a luxury cat bed?!

A high class cat bed will no doubt be loved by your feline friend. Whether your cat wants to recline in a hooded sheepskin snug or kick back in a plush igloo, there's a perfect luxury cat bed out there to suit any taste.

Not only will a luxury cat bed provide the ultimate lazy cat with the finest lazy resting place - most will look good in your home too. With a host of upper class designs and attractive features, your options are endless.

Luxury cat beds for all budgets

You don't have to spend a fortune to dip a toe (or paw) into the luxury cat bed market. In fact, you can pick up a super-snuggly luxury cat bed from Amazon for under £20, like this Tartan Hooded Luxury Cat Bed.

Another tried and tested entry-level luxurious cat bed is this Plush Cream Luxury Cat Snoozer which at the time of writing is only £11.70 on Amazon! It's a serious snuggly circular cat bed made from soft material for that extra warm and comfortable feel. Any luxury loving feline's dream!

A bit more upper class

For the slightly bigger budget, there's yet more luxury options for your cat. If you are willing to spend a little more, you can get your hands on some serious comfort and style for your feline friends.

One very popular choice, available on Amazon is the Cairo Plus Catwalk Cat Bed. It's seriously stylish and super-snuggly.

Another option it the considerably more expensive, but regal, stylish and phenomenally luxurious Extra Comfort Classic Cat Settee. Available in a number of sizes and colours, it's a real addition to any cat lover's home!

Ultimate luxury

The top notch in luxury cat comfort comes at a price, but your feline friend will no doubt appreciate every penny. For the bigger budgets there's some seriously upper class cat luxury.

There's even specialist companies that make made-to-measure luxury cat beds exactly to your requirements. A tailored service for feline heaven!

A simple search on Google should help you find luxury cat bed makers, or check if your local pet shop know of any.

Or make your own...

Knowing your cat as well as you do, you'll have a great appreciation of their favourites places around the house and their preferred relaxation position.

It's not too difficult to make your own luxury cat bad. You'll have the choice of material, size, colour and style. It's easy to pick up fabric and foam from high street stores theses days - and if you are a dab hand with needle and thread, you'll be surprised what you can put together.

Making your own luxury cat bed can be fun, rewarding and adds a personal touch. It can also save you some money too!

Remember, cats love luxury, comfort and pampering. So what better way to help them relax in the perfect position that a luxury cat bed?!

Our feline friends also love radiator cat beds which are snuggly and stay warm!

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