Magnetic Cat Flaps

Magnetic cat flaps help to let your cats in and out, but the neighbourhood cats out! Just attach a magnet to your cat's collar, and the clever magnetic cat flap will do the rest. Here's a selection of magnetic cat flaps and accessories.

Magnetic cat flaps are a fantastic idea. They stay shut and locked until one of your cats either enters or exits. The cat flaps will open when it comes into contact with the magnetic key on your cat's collar. Very clever!

This helps to stop unwanted visitors from curling up on your sofa or eating the cat food you've left out for your own feline friends!

How do they work?

Magnetic cat flaps lock by using a simple magnetic mechanism. A cat that isn't wearing a magnetic key on it's collar won't be able to open the cat flap, no matter how hard they try. You cat will be able to pass through it freely, so long as they are wearing their magnet.

Magnetic cat flaps can also be locked manually in both directions or just for entrances or just for exits. It's very versatile and there's a solution for any situation you might encounter.

The magnetic lock is positioned at the bottom of the cat flap. This is naturally an area that will come in close contact to your cat's collar. As the magnetic key on the collar passes nearby the magnetic lock, it will open. Fantastic!

Since a cat that isn't yours probably won't be wearing a magnetic collar 'key', no matter how hard it tries, it won't be able to gain entry to your house. Great!

Magnetic cat flaps also stop entry from not just unwanted cats, but other unwanted animals too. They are also great for safety - if your cat is being chased, it will be able to enter the house quickly, after which the flap will be locked.

How secure are they?

Magnetic cat flaps can give you various levels of security. Some cat flaps offer a four point security lock. This is the most secure and expensive among the magnetic cat flaps available. With the four point security flap, there are four separate magnets that clamp the flap in place. These magnets are held in place until the magnetic key on your pet deactivates them.

Spare Magnet Keys for Cat Collars

If your cats have a tendency to lose their collars, you'll probably need a few spare magnets to hand just in case. Here's a few examples of cat collar magnets available on Amazon. You might need to buy particular magnets to suit the particular magnetic cat flap you have. Always read the instructions that came with the flap to double check.

There are cheaper magnetic cat flaps that only have one magnetic lock. These might not be as secure as the four point security lock but they are still better than traditional cat flaps.

Why should I choose one?

The type of magnetic cat flap that you want to place in your home will essential come down to budget. Note that every once in a while, you might need to change the magnets for optimum performance. Whichever magnetic cat flap you want to use, always remember that your safety inside your house is always a priority.

It will not hurt to spend a little bit more to keep you and your family safe from intruders, by investing in a flap with multiple magnets. Here at Loving Your Pet we've found out the hard way how expensive it can be if an unwanted cat decides to wreak havoc in your house...we had to get a new carpet!

For an even more sophisticated entry system...have a read about the amazing infrared cat flaps.

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