Microchip Cat Flaps

Microchip cat flaps are a fantastic way to ensure that your cats are allowed in and out, and visiting cats aren't.

More and more cat owners are choosing to buy microchip cat flaps to make sure that uninvited cats can't get into the house. Of course, to use a microchip cat flap, your cats will have to be microchipped.

One of the most popular microchip cat flaps at the moment is the Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap, featured right, which is available from Amazon. At the time of writing it's had 284 reviews on Amazon with an impressive average rating of 4.5 out of 5.0.

Here are some highlights of the Sureflap microchip cat flap:

  • Powered by batteries
  • Easy installation
  • Intelligently 'learns' the existing microchips on your cats
  • Door unlocks when it detects one of your registered cats
  • Door will remain locked for cats it isn't familiar with (visitors!)
  • Secure design to prevent forced cat entry
  • Even if the batteries run out, it won't forget it's registered microchips
  • Can store identification of up to 32 cats!

Of course, it also carries the usual features that most cat flaps boast. For example, an extender can be used to install it into a wall and it features 4 way locking so you can keep your cats in at night.

There's plenty of other makes and models available when it comes to microchip cat flaps. Petsafe and Petporte are also popular choices. You can check out a full range of microchip cat flaps here.

Advantages of microchip cat flaps

Whilst microchip cat flaps aren't as cheap as regular cat flaps, they do carry some great advantages.

  • Cats can still enter even if they lose their collar or magnet
  • Multiple cats can be programmed for entry
  • They work with a cat's existing microchip
  • Compatible with all common UK microchip types
  • Cats are more relaxed as they won't be paid a visit by strangers
  • You won't end up having your food eaten by cat's that aren't yours!
  • Easy installation and simple to replace a standard cat flap with

Microchip cat flaps are becoming more and more popular and make a particularly great buy for households with more than one cat.

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