Naturo Cat Food

There's no doubt that Naturo cat food really is a healthy choice for felines. Whether it's salmon, tuna, turkey or chicken, every pack is sure to meet the taste and nutritional needs of your beloved cat. Find out what makes Naturo cat food so popular and buy online today.

Why choose Naturo cat food?

Working closely with expert nutritionists and sourcing all of their ingredients locally, Naturo have been making healthy pet food products from their farm in Northern Ireland for almost 50 years.

Naturo's cat food is made from the highest quality, natural ingredients. It is supplemented with the important oils, minerals and vitamins that make up such an important part of a cat's diet. They don't use ingredients that are hard to digest or any sort of bulking agent. Whether you choose salmon, tuna, chicken or turkey, Naturo's wet cat food is also gluten free and wheat free.

Not only do Naturo take great care to include only the most healthy and tasty local ingredients, their packaging is 100% recyclable, too. A real plus for environmentally friendly pet owners.

Popular products

Naturo's wet grain free adult cat food is available in four scrumptious varieties:


If you're new to Naturo, we've answered some popular questions from cat owners.

How much Naturo food should I feed my cat?

Three 85g pots of Naturo cat food spread over two meals should be enough for healthy adult cats each day.

How should I change my cat's food to Naturo?

Changing your cat's food must be carefully managed and gradual. We recommend taking 14 days to complete the process. For the first 4 days, introduce small amounts of your cat's new food. From day 5-10, decrease the amount of your cat's old food and increase the amount of Naturo cat mousse. During days 10-14, move entirely to Naturo. Always remember to read the back of the packet for guidance.

What if I'm not sure about switching?

With so many cat food brands on the market, a little bit of research won't go amiss. Read some Naturo cat food reviews and talk to other cat owners to find out their experience. A simple taste test might be a good idea, too - buy one Naturo cat food packet and let your cat have a little taste!

Where can I buy Naturo cat food?

As well as being able to buy on Amazon, Naturo cat food stockists also include a number of high street retailers such as Sainsbury's, Wilko and Tesco.

Gentle on the stomach and tantalising on the taste buds, Naturo's four varieties will have your cats licking their lips before every meal time. It's a smart, healthy and environmentally friendly choice.

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