Orthopaedic Cat Beds

Cats need their own place to rest where they do not want to be disturbed. Generally they prefer higher places, since the temperature is often higher. As cat lovers, we all want what's best for our cats.

That is why there is an orthopaedic cat bed to suit the needs of your cat. Cats can also have aches and pains that can make rest uncomfortable for them, just like humans. One such problem for cats is inflammation of the joints and arthritis. Giving them an orthopaedic bed can help them rest more comfortably and ease those aching joints.

Orthopaedic cat beds are sensitive to both temperature and pressure. Their padding will follow the contour of the body of your cat. If you find your cat being restless at night, an orthopaedic cat bed may be the perfect solution. If you are looking for the best comfort for your cat, an orthopaedic cat bed is certainly something to consider.

How do orthopaedic cat beds work?

This bed eliminates the pressure points in your cat's body when it is lying down. It responds to the temperature and the weight of your cat. With the help of these two things, your cat will be able to rest well in its natural position, with no undue pressure on still bones or joints. Orthopaedic cat beds are also great for older and more obese cats.

There are many orthopaedic cat beds to choose from. Choosing the right bed can be very confusing, as you only want the best for your cat. So how do you choose the right bed? Orthopaedic cat beds vary in materials. Some contain memory foam, orthopaedic foam, and heating materials. To help you make the choice easier, here are some helpful tips:

  • Choose the right size for your pet. Pet beds come in many sizes. If you are not sure, it is best to buy a bigger bed. Bigger is always better than smaller, ensuring that your pet has enough room is very important.
  • The height of your pet must also be considered. You must make sure that your cat can stretch fully on the bed and not worry about falling off or hitting the sides!
  • Know the kind of bed that you want. If you want an orthopaedic bed that can be heated, there are beds that offer that kind of feature. Heated beds are good for cats that have arthritis since the heat can help relieve the pain. Always consult your vet.
  • Some cat beds are designed to fit into a corner, if you have space restrictions in your home.
  • When buying your pet bed, you might want to have a waterproof cover or a removable cover in case your pet wets the bed or it gets dirty.

Your cats sleeping on the floor can sometimes cause joint aches, especially if you have laminate, wood or tiled floors. Just imagine yourself sleeping on a hard surface for a night - you would no doubt feel sore the next morning.

That is how cats feel and this is even more painful when they are growing older. So by providing your feline friend with an orthopaedic cat bed, you can give it a comfortable place to sleep in, and enjoy its latter years.

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