PetCandy Catnip Caterpillar Toy Review

Here at Loving Your Pet, we've discovered a truly brilliant purchase for any cat-owning household - the PetCandy Catnip Caterpillar. It proved to be a huge hit with the felines in the Loving Your Pet house. Here's why!

What is a PetCandy Catnip Caterpillar?

It's a cute caterpillar with cartoon eyes, string 'antennae', a tough fabric skin and jam-packed with a cat's favourite thing - catnip! They are about one inch in diameter and sixteen inches long. Perfect for cats to chew, lick, roll around with and generally have a whale of a time with.

They come in a variety of colours and patterns - but the one we received was multi-coloured and stripy!

Our cats loved it!

Three of the Loving Your Pet cats were on hand to test the caterpillar - Meg, Chloe and Charlie. It went down a treat! Even a few weeks after the initial huge excitement, it's still a popular choice to have a crazy roll around with.

Meg was the most eager to get stuck in with the caterpillar after a hesitant start from Charlie. Meg had a hard time letting any of the other cats share the caterpillar as she loved it so much. She rolled around for at least 30 minutes, grappling, licking and biting the caterpillar to her heart's content.

Once the other cats had seen the action, they were all keen to dive in too! Charlie, who really goes mad with catnip, couldn't help himself any longer and pinched the caterpillar from Meg. His purring was louder than we've ever heard it!

Around two months later, the toy is still in tact, and still loved by our resident cats. It's easy to pick up and throw around whilst also being perfect to dangle above your cat to watch them leap for joy!


The PetCandy Catnip Caterpillar is a fantastic and addictive toy for your cat or kitten. It's perhaps the most popular toy we've ever given to our cats or kittens. It was also great entertainment to watch!

The caterpillars are:

  • Attractively designed
  • Packed full of catnip for crazy cat addictiveness!
  • Just perfect for cats to lick, chew and roll around with
  • Safe, durable and ready to withstand any catnip-crazed feline
  • Fantastic entertainment to watch!

Here at Loving Your Pet, our cats give the catnip caterpillar a resounding 10 out of 10!


The PetCandy Catnip Caterpillar is available to buy now on Amazon.

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