Plastic Cat Beds

If you have a kitten, or an older or poorly cat with incontinence issues, plastic cat beds are ideal. They're easy to clean if your cat has a toileting accident, helping to improve hygiene for your home and your cat.

What are plastic cat beds?

Plastic cat beds are strong, durable cat beds made of firm plastic. They're easy to keep clean and they ensure your floor is protected if your cat has a toileting accident. You can add pillows and cushions to make your cat comfy.

Most plastic cat beds have:

  • A lowered entrance, making it easy for kittens or less agile cats to get in and out
  • Rubber feet to prevent the bed slipping on the floor
  • Small ventilation holes in the base

Because they're made of strong plastic, plastic cat beds aren't easily destroyed by chewing and scratching and last a long time.

Choosing the right plastic cat bed

Unless your cat expresses a preference, the colour of cat bed you buy is up to you! Plastic cat beds come in a variety of colours, so you can choose one that complements the décor of the room it will be in.

The other factors to consider are:


Most plastic cat beds have tall sides, allowing plenty of room for pillows and blankets to be added for your cat's comfort. There are also plastic cat igloo beds if your cat prefers to be more enclosed and cosier. Some plastic cat igloo beds are spherical, like a ball, or shaped like a basket. But many are shaped more like a spaceship or flattened cave!


Always read the product description and dimensions carefully to ensure you order the right size. A small plastic cat bed should be ideal for your kitten or a smaller breed. However, if Mr Whiskers is a Maine Coon Cat or a Bengal, you'll need a large or extra-large plastic cat bed - it's probably best to measure him if you can.

Read reviews of plastic cat beds you're interested in to see what purchasers say about their size, breed suitability, durability, and cat approval score.

Our choice for best plastic cat bed

We think the best plastic cat bed available in the UK right now is the Cat Centre Waterproof Strong Plastic Cat Bed.

This stylish 'spaceship' design bed comes in a variety of colours and can be used both ways up! You can choose for the bed to have a white top (or bottom), while the other 'half' of the bed can be blue, green, grey, pink or transparent bright blue, green or pink.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the top can be detached if required and used as an extra cat basket. A cushion is included to keep your cat comfy. The generous opening makes it easy for you cat to get in and out of this plastic igloo cat bed.

Reviewers love its outdoor suitability and that their cats love hiding inside it, often not reappearing for hours.

Frequently asked questions

What size bed should I get for my cat?

Of course, this depends on the size of your cat - but also on their preferred sleeping position. Cats who like to curl up might prefer a bed that's a cosier fit, while the stretch-and-snoozers will appreciate a plastic cat bed one size bigger than they strictly need.

If you opt for a plastic cat igloo bed, especially one in the 'spaceship' style, ensure your cat can fit through the entrance. Some are quite snug!

What other type of cat beds could I consider?

Elderly or infirm cats who suffer from stiffness or feel the cold will prefer cat beds that make them feel warm, snuggly and safe. Kittens often appreciate these beds too. Donut cat beds are great for keeping out draughts. Cat cave beds go one step further, enclosing your cat and allowing them to hide away and feel secure. If your cat is always sleeping next to the radiator, then a cat radiator bed is the perfect option.

Can plastic cat beds be used outside?

Most plastic cat beds can be used outside, but always read the product description to ensure it doesn't advise against this. Some plastics start to perish if left outside in the sun or in extremes of temperature.

Unlike fabric cat beds, which are unusable if it rains, plastic cat beds just need to be wiped dry if they're left out in a shower.

Where can I buy a plastic cat bed?

To see a wide selection of plastic cat beds and read a range of reviews, search Amazon for 'plastic cat beds'. When you're ready to buy, you can purchase plastic cat beds from online retailers such as Amazon, online pet specialists, or bricks-and-mortar stores such as B&M, Argos, and Pets at Home.

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