Radiator Cat Beds

All cats know how to make themselves comfortable, but a radiator cat bed will take them to a whole new level of snugliness!

Let's think about this. What do cats really like?

  • To snuggle up to warm things
  • To snuggle into comfortable things

So warmth + comfort = cat paradise. The answer is simple - a radiator cat bed!

What are Radiator Cat Beds?

Simple. They are beds for cats that attach to the radiators in your house. There are normally a fleecy and comfortable material, held to the radiator by a frame. Easy! Warm and comfy...

Top 5 Radiator Cat Beds

Here are our Recommended Bestselling Radiator Cat Beds, which we think provide the ultimate comfort next to a warm radiator, at a purrrfect price!

Many cat radiator beds come flat packed so all you have to do is assemble it. This is normally as easy as attaching the material part of the bed to the metal frame. The frame will fit on nearly all radiators, unless you have particularly unusual ones!

Some radiators beds for cats are single, some are double. If you have more than one cat, choosing a double will provide extra space for extra warmth and comfort.

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