Cat Radiator Beds

Lets face it. Cats really know how to make themselves comfortable. But what if you could offer your feline friend the ultimate cosy resting place? A radiator cat bed is just the solution. Snug, elevated and warm. What more could a cat want? Let's find out.

What is a cat radiator bed?

A cat radiator bed, put simply, is a cat bed that hangs on a radiator. There are several reasons why cats just love them; first and foremost is warmth. Curling up in a cosy spot is akin to cat heaven! Add to that the raised nature of the bed and you've ticked all the boxes. Did you know that cats prefer to sleep and hangout in places with good vantage points? This comes from their innate desire to protect themselves from any potential threats.

Choosing the right cat radiator bed

There are many cat radiator beds to choose from, and selecting one that's perfect for your home and your cat can be tricky. With luxury loungers, extra large radiator beds, double cat radiator beds (sleeping two cats) and even more on offer, let us help you choose the best cat radiator bed for you.

Some things to consider before purchasing are the dimensions, the material used for the fur lining and the bed's overall quality. Does the bed have a sturdy metal frame for durability? Will the style fit an existing radiator (is your radiator thin or thick?), and what is the position of the radiator on which you'll hang the bed? Make sure it won't be easily knocked or bumped.

Make sure you pick a colour that will fit in with your home decor. It's no use picking a bright pink bed if it's going to clash with your off-white walls and cream sofa. In our experience, a cat radiator bed in grey stands the best chance of neutrally blending in to the look and feel of a typical lounge or bedroom.

The best cat radiator beds

We'll review three of the most popular cat radiator beds below but there are many more on the market to choose from including those from Cleo, Danish Designs, Canac and Kumfy Kradle:

Rosewood Bamboo Cat Radiator

One of the bestsellers and it's easy to see why. Not only is this bed eco friendly as it's made from bamboo, it's also super easy to assemble and is aesthetically pleasing. We rate this bed because bamboo is a particularly strong material and will increase the life of the product.

Quality Pet Products Soft Washable Radiator Cat Bed

This is a favourite for those cats that are picky about their bedding. The soft removable cover washes well with any cat hair and dust being instantly removed. With a strong metal frame, and simple assembly, this product comes highly recommended.

Trixie Plush Cuddly Bag for Radiators

A cuddly bag for cats, what's not to love? The Trixie bag comes with a plush cover (which is reversible) and a sturdy metal frame. Top selling point is that it fits all conventional radiators.

Frequently asked questions

Looking for more information on cat radiator beds? Check out the following frequently asked questions.

Where can I buy a cat radiator bed?

Whatever type of cat radiator bed you're looking for, single or double (for those households with two cats), you can buy from the following online retailers: Amazon, Argos, Pets At Home, Wilkinsons and Aldi.

Is it easy to assemble a cat radiator bed?

Yes! Simply follow the manufacturer's instructions that will be supplied with the product. Take care to ensure that the bed is firmly in position on the radiator before use.

How do I encourage my cat to use a radiator bed?

A good idea is to position the bed on a radiator near to where the cat likes to spend time. Settle the cat onto the bed, and, if needed, place a familiar cat blanket on top of the radiator bed for a short while.

To keep your cat warm in cooler months, and to save valuable space in your home, invest in a cat radiator bed from Amazon. A brand new warm, cosy bed for cats? Just purrrrfect...

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