Reflective cat collars

Being somewhat nocturnal, most cats love the night, so keeping them visible is an important safety requirement for their owners. Reflective cat collars are a great way to get your cat seen - showing them up in a car's headlights and helping to alert the driver.

A study has revealed road traffic accidents to be the fourth most common reason for cat deaths, behind kidney failure, cancer and more encouragingly, old age. But the reasons for buying a reflective cat collar, or any kind of cat collar for that matter, aren't all morbid.

"A study has revealed road traffic accidents are the fourth most common reason for cat deaths."

Aside from the safety benefits, a reflective cat collar can help an owner find their cat, particularly useful for new and adopted cats, or adolescents discovering the great outdoors for the first time.

When shopping for reflective cat collars, you'll find hundreds of designs and styles to choose from online, alternatively, your local pet store is sure to have a decent number of choices.

Cat collars can be multi-functional, not only are they stylish by day and reflective by night, but the addition of a bell to help find your moggy and stop them bringing home dead wildlife, is also an optional extra. It's not unusual these days for owners to lead their cats on walks, making a collar an essential item, and let's not forget some cat collars can also help combat fleas. So as you have no doubt already gleaned, this ain't no catwalk, cat collars are a serious business!

Often adult felines struggle to get comfortable with new collars, so it's recommended that you introduce them to your cat at an early age before they become too set in their ways.

"this ain't no cat walk, cat collars are a serious business."

Reflective car collars and standard cat collars are usually adjustable from twenty to thirty centimetres and generally fit from six months onwards, depending on size and breed.

Tip - You should be able to fit two fingers between your cat's collar and its neck to ensure it isn't too tight or restrictive.

We all know how playful and inquisitive cat's can be and with this in mind, some cat collars have a break away or release clasp should your mog get caught up or snagged.

Many cat collars, reflective or otherwise, now come with a soft inside lining for extra comfort in contrast to a durable PVC outer coating.

If you're into showing your cat, you might want to go that one step further when choosing your cat collar and buy from a range of specialist designs that match your cat's markings.

It's pretty simple really isn't it, a reflective cat colour gets your cat seen and less likely to fall victim to a road traffic accident. Always make sure the collar isn't too tight by using the two finger guide and if damaged or worn, buy a replacement. Prices start from under five pounds.

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