Renal Cat Food

Older cats are often affected with renal diseases. Some signs and symptoms that your cat may have renal failure include drinking more than usual, frequent urination in large volumes, vomiting, and sudden weight loss.

Normally cats do not drink a lot of water. So you have to be observant in case your cat is starting to drink more than usual. This can be an indication of renal failure.

There are now plenty of studies which revealed that cats with chronic renal failure that are eating special renal diets actually live longer than those who are not fed with this type of diet. When you are going to feed your cat with the special renal diet, make sure that you introduce renal cat food gradually to encourage your cat to accept the food. Renal diets for your cat contain the following:

  1. The protein in the diet for cats with CRF is reduced so the amount of waste that needed for processing will be decreased and the kidney will not have to work so much. Too much excess proteins in the diet can lead to the kidneys working harder in order to convert these proteins to energy.
  2. Studies show that restricting the phosphorus in the cat's diet can improve the survival rate. Phosphorus plays an important role in the growth and development of a cat. Cats with CRF need phosphorus in order to boost their immunity however, the phosphorus levels must also be maintained at a certain level because too much phosphorus can be toxic to your cat's kidneys.
  3. Cats that are suffering chronic renal failure tend to lose more urine, and as the result, the potassium and vitamins B and C, which are water soluble tend to go with the urine. By increasing the potassium and vitamin B in cat renal food. The ions lost can be replaced.
  4. Sodium in cat renal diets is reduced to minimize the risk of systemic hypertension.
  5. If your cat has a poor appetite, cat renal food has an increased taste so that your cat can maintain the normal weight.
  6. Renal diets aim to balance the acid-base component of the body in order to prevent acidosis.

There are many cat foods for renal support such as Royal Canin Renal which is designed for pets that have kidney diseases. This kind of food no longer need to have prescription from your veterinarian since this can be readily bought, making it a cost effective option.

Royal Canin Renal aims to balance the renal and the urinary systems thus, it is a complete food. If you are feeding your cat with this, there is no need for supplements.

Chronic renal failure in cats is slowed down when Royal Canin Renal is administered to them. The effectiveness of renal cat food is because this type of food contains beef, liver, dried beet, chicken pulp, corn meal and foods that are high in potassium content.

This way, your cat will not lose any more body mass and the kidney problem will be slowed down.

Do not wait for your pet to be affected with chronic renal failure. Prevention is always better so take good care of your beloved cat.

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