Semi Longhair Breeds

This section covers several breeds, all with very distinctive and different looks, but with certain similarities in character and temperament. In general, they need less grooming than the Persian as their silkier coats are less likely to know and mat.

They are more outgoing and adventurous in attitude, but not so boisterous and noisy as the Foreigns, Burmese, Siamese and Orientals.

Allowing for your own personal preference for shape and size, there is really little in the way of bad points: they are highly companionable and make good family pets.

Pros and Cons to Semi Longhair Breeds

Plus Points

  • Friendly and intelligent
  • Need only a limited amount of extra grooming
  • Glamorous looks
  • Outgoing, active and playful
  • Good with children and other animals

Minus Points

  • Do not like to be left alone
  • Need some extra grooming
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