Siamese Cat Breed

Siamese are probably the most instantly recognizable of all pedigree cats. With their contrasting darker points set off against a pale body colour, they just exude good breeding and elegance.

They are extremely popular, but those who have never lived with a Siamese before may find them a little demanding and their loud voices are not to everyones taste. They are very intelligent and charismatic and few people who have ever been owned by one of these cats would ever look for another breed again.

Pros and Cons to the Siamese Breed

Plus Points

  • Easily groomed, shorthaired coat; the Balinese needs a little more regular grooming
  • Highly intelligent
  • Make wonderful loving and devoted companions
  • Friendly, playful and outgoing extroverts
  • Usually good with children and other animals - but on Siamese terms as they do not like being teased and taunted

Minus Points

  • Very vocal, especially when calling
  • Need a lot of attention or they will become bored and destructive
  • Do not like to be left alone and need another feline playmate
  • Can sometimes be prone to faddy eating
  • Territorial and can be prone to domestic spraying
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