How to Stop Your Cat Scratching Your Sofa and Furniture

Cats have a natural instinct to scratch - it's something they need to do. But they don't need to do it on your sofa or furniture! There are a number of things you can do to stop your cat scratching furniture - all it needs it a little patience.

Get a scratching post

Your cat needs somewhere to scratch, so get a scratching post! You might want to place them near furniture if they are already scratching there. Make the scratching post easily accessible and obviously placed. Buying a scratching post is the best thing you can do to stop your cat from scratching your furniture. Read our guide on choosing the right scratching post.

Start young

If you have kittens, now is the best time to stop them from scratching furniture when as they grow up. Encourage them to play near their scratching post and use it. Treat them with lots of praise when they do!

Rise and shine!

A lot of cats like to scratch when they wake up from a snooze. If you notice your cat waking up and think they are going to scratch the furniture, just gently move them next to the scratching post.

Make the scratching post interesting

If you cat isn't using their scratching post and won't stop scratching the furniture, then maybe the post just isn't the right one. Is it tall enough? Does your cat prefer scratching on a horizontal surface? You never know so give an alternative post or pad a whirl.

You can add toys to the scratching post or even rub it in catnip to make it more appealing. This will encourage them to spend more time there!

Many pet owners use specials sticky strips (such as Paws Away - stops your cat from scratching!) or sprays to stop their cat from scratching the furniture. These specialist products are available in many pet shops. The strips are sticky and can be attached to areas of your furniture that your cat loves to scratch. The sprays are normally scented with odours (not necessarily nasty ones) which will deter your cat.

Don't let them do it!

If you cat scratches your furniture, usher them away. If you stick to your guns every time, they should learn that your comfy new sofa just isn't the place to do it! Don't over-punish them though - you don't want you cat to think that scratching in your presence isn't acceptable.

By following some or all of these tips, and given a little patience, you should be able to stop your cat scratching your furniture. Remember not to give up! If you don't seem to be getting anywhere, you can always as your vet's advice.

DO NOT think about getting your cat declawed to stop them from scratching furniture. This is a cruel procedure which can have painful affects on your cat both physically and mentally. The tips above will give you all you need to stop your cat scratching.

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