Getting Rid of Cat Fleas - Treat Your House for Fleas

Houses are great places for fleas to go about their lifecycle. They love carpets, furniture, and the warm, humid conditions. Eradicating fleas from your cat does not mean that the problem has gone away. And remember - it isn't just Summer when cat fleas are a problem!

Clean Your House Free of Fleas

Hoover the whole of your house - as thoroughly as possible, getting to the edges and corners of carpets, walls and furniture. This will help remove fleas and eggs, so don't just dispose of the hoover contents in your kitchen bin - they may return, quickly! It is sensible to repeat this process at regular intervals to keep on top of the situation. Steam cleaning carpets has also proved to be an effective method to help eradicate fleas around the house. A handy tip is to put a cat flea collar into the hoover bag before you start. This will kill even more of the blighters!

Wash Away Cat Fleas

Wash towels, bed linen and upholstery where necessary. For those extra cautious of you - wash them in the hottest water possible (as long as they don't shrink!) Fleas also like clothes, so try not to leave any lying around.

Flea Bombs and Sprays

A drastic, but effective method on top of those above is to use a "flea bomb" which is effectively a household aerosol flea spray. These are very high in chemical concentration that the room (or house) must be evacuated for their use. The chemicals will reach areas that wouldn't other be treated. Remember that the residue from the spray may remain on surfaces or clothes that may have been left close by, so be aware that it can cause irritation or breathing difficulty for asthmatics. It is very important to read the instruction before using this type of cat flea treatment. Remember to hoover afterwards. Treatment sprays for carpets, fabric and furniture can also be purchased.

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