Types of Cat Collars

Buying a cat collar can be one of the most important things that you can do for your cat. Whether it's for style, safety, fashion or practicality there's a cat collar to fit every application!

Here's a quick introduction to some of the types of cat collars you might want to choose from.

Break away cat collars

Cats explore a lot, especially when they are outdoors. They love to creep, climb and venture to all sorts of places. Unfortunately, a cat collar can become caught or snagged on obstructions like tree branches. This can often have very dangerous consequences like choking.

Break away collars or 'safety collars' are the safest collars available. They have elastic strips that stretch out so that your cat can slip out and free itself if it becomes caught up. Other types of breakaway collars will have plastic buckles that open up if enough pressure is applied.

Flea cat collars

Flea cat collars help control fleas on your feline friend by killing fleas and preventing re-infestations. Most cat flea collars will last for a certain period, often around 4 months. If you'd like advice about flea collars for cats, just speak to your vet.

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Bling cat collars

These types of collars appeal to many cat owners. They are colourful, stylish and fashionable collars that can add some serious glamour to your cat. If you are going to choose a designer or bling cat collar, make sure that it is also safe and comfortable for your cat. Bling cat collars tend to be more expensive than other collars!

Reflective collars

Many cat collars are reflective which is a great safety feature. By reflecting light in the dark, a reflective cat collar can help motorists or cyclists see your cat from a distance. A simple reflective collar, or a collar with a reflective strip can help prevent your cat from being involved in an accident.

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Whichever cat collar you choose, it should fit well and you should bear safety in mind at all times. For more information have a read of our guide to choosing a cat collar.

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