Why Should I Treat Cat Fleas?

Dangers of Cat Fleas

Most cats will suffer from fleas at some point during their life. It is very important to remember that if a flea problem is untreated, your pet is likely to suffer badly from the serious consequences. Your home can also suffer from the repercussions!

Fleas are parasites - they are bloodsuckers and will live on the blood of your cats that have the infestation. Fleas can 'drink' a huge amount of blood - the blood that belongs to your cat! Cats can't cope with losing a lot of blood - especially kittens.

Animals affected by fleas suffer from severe itching. It is this itching that can lead to sore skin, thinning fur patches and even more. Flea infestations can lead to anaemia, dehydration, allergic reactions, skin disease, weight loss, and more. So it is incredibly important to treat cat fleas as soon as possible.

Cat Fleas in Your House

Fleas live in the house more than on your pet, so it is very important to treat your house as well. Adult fleas lay many eggs every day, which will fall off your pet and end up all over your house or garden. Over time these may hatch and grow into adult fleas which will further infest your house and pets.

There's plenty of flea treatment products which you can apply to your cat's coat. One of the most popular is Frontline Spot On for cats.

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