If you love chinchillas, then this is the place to be. Our little furry friends make really great pets. Chinchillas are beautiful creatures, and this section is totally devoted to them! Find chinchilla facts, chinchilla photos, chinchilla help, chinchilla information and much, much more. Get you little chewers into the chinchilla articles listed below, or use the chinchilla links dotted around the page. Enjoy.

Chinchilla Illnesses

This articles describes some illness that your chinchilla may suffer from, with information and advice if your chinchilla is ill.

Chinchilla Dust Baths

Dust baths are an essential part of chinchilla care. Here you will find tips and advice on how to choose and use them to ensure your chinchilla is clean, healthy and happy!

Chinchilla Facts

Chinchillas are brilliant little creatures, and this page gives you an interesting selection of chinchilla facts for you to read. Enjoy learning about chinchillas!

Chinchilla Cooling

Read about chinhchilla marble slabs and to keep your fluffy chinchilla cool! A marble slab will prevent you chinchilla from overheating.

Chinchilla Chews

Find out about chinhchilla chew toys to keep your chinchilla's teeth super healthy!

Chinchilla as Pets

Find out about chinchillas and what they are like as a pet. This is the perfect introduction to chinchillas!

About Chinchillas

Find out about chinchillas here. Learn about their origin, habits, history and behaviour!

Choosing a Chinchilla Cage

Choosing a cage for your chinchilla. What you need, why you need it, and making sure your chinchilla is happy in its' cage!

Chinchilla Toys

Keep your chinchilla amused, healthy and happy with our advice and tips on chinchilla toys.

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