Chinchilla Dust Baths

It is essential that a chinchilla has regular dust baths.

Having a dust bath is second nature and completely natural to a chinchilla. Having a dust bath is how a chinchillas keeps a clean and healthy coat of fur. This is what they do in the wild - they clean themselves in dust or volcanic ash.

Many experts also think that chinchillas enjoy this ritual! They love to roll, shake, flip and jump around in their dust baths.

Choosing Dust for your Chinchilla

Always ensure you only buy your chinchilla bathing dust from a pet shop. Trying to use any other dust won't work and may in fact be harmful. Professionally made chinchilla dust imitates the dust in their natural environment perfectly. It absorbs oil and dirt from their fur.

Choosing the Right Chinchilla Bath

Always ensure your chinchilla bath is a bit larger than your pet chinchilla, so as to give them plenty of room to roll around! Remember that your chinchillas may flick dust all over the place, so slightly enclosed dust baths can be very handy.

A lot of chinchilla owners like to buy transparent dust baths so they can see the joy of their little bundle having the time of their life in the dust! But, chinchillas will probably take their dust baths during the night when they are at their most active, and when you are probably asleep!

Preparing and Cleaning Your Dust Bath

A chinchilla's dust only needs to be around two inches deep. Remember to clean our your chinchilla dust bath once in a while, and replace the dust too. You don't need to do this necessarily every time your chinchilla has a bath though. Just ensure there is no dirt, fluff or other debris in the dust. If there is, it's time to replenish it.

Chinchillas shouldn't bathe in their dust too much. This can dry out their skin and fur. Chinchillas might only need to bathe 2-3 times a week, for around 10-15 minutes each time.

We strongly recommend that the chinchilla dust bath should only be available from time to time.

Keep an eye on your chinchilla. It is looks greasy or oily, it probably needs more dust bathing. If it's fur or skin looks flaky, it might be bathing too much.

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