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Chinchillas are active and energetic little bundles, so they need to be amused. The easiest way to keep a chinchilla amused is to have more than one! Either way, they also need to keep fit and have healthy teeth. Chinchilla Toys are sure to do this! Here is some advice.

Chinchilla Toys to Chew

Chinchillas love to chew on mineral stones or mineral blocks, which are good for teeth and provide general nutrition. Many pet shops sell gnawing blocks for chinchillas, and some pet owners even use pumice stones. Chinchillas will also love to chew on branches from trees such as willow, apple or poplar. Always ensure the twig or branch is clean of chemicals and debris, and don't use branches from cherry, evergreen and citrus fruit trees.

You will also be able to find wooden chinchilla chew toys in pet shops - just make sure they are made of untreated wood, and aren't too. Letting your chinchilla chew on toys will keep them from getting bored.

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Chinchilla Wheels!

A great chinchilla toy is an in-cage exercise wheel. This will keep your chinchilla fit and healthy. Ensure the wheel is solid, and not made of spokes and rungs. This way their feet won't get caught. Also ensure it is a large running wheel to give them enough room.

You might also want to try an indoor enclosed running ball. These are great fun for everyone, but chinchillas are prone to overheating. As some of these balls don't have much ventilation, use only for short bursts.

Chinchilla Climbing Toys!

These little fellas just love to climb and explore. So help them out by providing ladders in their cages. Make some platforms from small blocks of untreated wood, and perhaps arrange some twigs (as mentioned earlier) for them to climb up or along. Maybe fix some shelves up in the cage for your chinchilla to jump on and off!

Be imaginative!

You can use household objects as toys and chewy items for your chinchillas such as a cardboard box! Cut some holes out for them to run through! Remember no staples or sellotape!

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