Chinchillas as Pets

Do Chinchillas Make Good Pets?

Chinchillas make great pets, especially for adults and older children. They are nocturnal, and tend to become most active at the beginning of the night.

Chinchillas are relatively easy to look after, and are fun to keep. They are friendly and active which always makes for good company. Chinchillas are nothing like as smelly as many other rodents, and tend to live much, much longer.

It may not be suitable for younger children to have chinchillas as pets, as they are quite fragile and need to be handled with care.

Are Chinchillas Easy to Look After?

Yes and no. They are relatively low maintenance, but do need plenty of time, space and attention. They ideally require an hour of exercise every day outside of their cages. Chinchillas have beautiful soft fur, which can cause them to overheat. Their cages should be kept out of sunlight. Chinchilla owners love their clean habits!

Are Chinchillas Happy Alone?

Yes, so long as you are a caring and responsible pet owner. Chinchillas do, however, particularly enjoy living in same-sex pairs or groups. If you are going to keep more than one chinchilla, ensure you choose the right cage size.


  • Chinchillas are active at night, so if you are a light sleeper, do not keep them in your bedroom!
  • Chinchillas chew everything so beware of allowing them to roam around the house
  • Chinchillas can jump surprisingly high, so bear that in mind when you let your chinchilla out of its' cage!
  • Chinchillas can live up to 20 years, so the commitment as pet owner is long term
  • Some Chinchillas do not like to be held, so give them time to get used to handling
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