Buying a New Pet for Christmas?

We've all seen the movies and the cartoons; it's Christmas morning, the presents are under the tree and out jumps a new puppy or kitten! That little bundle of joy sparks happiness into the child's eyes and Christmas seems wonderful.

So a pet for Christmas is a fantastic idea then, surely? Possibly, but PLEASE think about it!

"A pet is for life, not just for Christmas" is a phrase that most of us will no doubt have heard on more than one occasion, but it really is true! If the children have been longing for a pet recently, be careful that it isn't just a passing craze; if they lose their interest the pet will still be there, needing care and attention regardless of whether or not you like it.

Remember that a pet is a living animal; it needs to be fed, and it needs to be looked after - given attention. Everyone knows that dogs need to be taken for a walk regularly but this is something you could really grow to resent if you start to lose interest in it. Perhaps work has got a bit hectic, maybe you just don't have the time any more. Either way, make sure you think about it, make sure that you really do want a pet and that you really will want to keep looking after it!

You can't put the pet to one side like you can with a toy, so if your child wants a little puppy as well as the Action Man, maybe it would end up being a better idea to think of an alternative? Unless of course you too would like that puppy and you know that, if your child begins to lose interest, you will still be there to happily look after the puppy and play with it, in which case great, go ahead!

We all know that having a pet can be a wonderful addition to any household and can stick by us throughout all those times their companionship is much appreciated. But please make sure that you can offer the same commitment back, or else put it off until you can.

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