Christmas gifts and presents for pets

Treating your pet at Christmas is quite simply a must! Spoiling them rotten and sending them crazy over some festive treats and toys will definitely make your pet's Christmas!

So just for you (and your pet!) we have put together a brilliant selection of Christmas Pet Gifts for you to have a rummage through. With a mixture of toys, treats and all sorts of other presents, your pet will just love the Christmas period with their new gifts!

If you are wondering what to buy your pets, here are some helpful tips:

  • Pet t-shirts can be a great gift for your pet. If you have a dog or a cat, then you can measure them to make sure the shirt will fit correctly. Online pet stores often have a range of sizes available, ensuring that the shirt will fit comfortably for Christmas! Check out Amazon's fantastic range of Christmas t-shirts for pets.
  • Pets appreciate toys as Christmas gifts too. Dogs love things such as tennis balls toys and cats love things with threads, ribbons, and yarn. When you buy toys as Christmas gifts for your dog, you can bring these toys and play with them when you are going out for a walk. This encourages good exercise for your pooch and a great bonding experience. Choose toys that can stimulate your pet's brain, as well as its body. It's also a great way to help you and your pet burn off some Christmas holiday weight!
  • Treats can also be good Christmas gifts for pets. All kinds of pets such as rabbits, hamsters, rats, cats, and dogs simply love treats. You can make your own treats or you can buy treats from pet shops. When choosing treats, you must always check the ingredients if the treats that you are buying are healthy for your pet. Making treats yourself can be a great family activity for those with young children. There's no doubt any pet would simply love a treat to open on Christmas day!
  • For an extra special Christmas pet gift, you can always choose to change your pet's bed, cage or hutch. You can even choose a heated bed especially if your pet is suffering from arthritis or old age. There's nothing like a whole new world of comfort for your pet to get stuck in to on Christmas day.
  • Grooming materials can also be great Christmas presents for your pet. You can buy new and better shampoo or even a perfume for your pet. Grooming brushes are helpful to clean your pet, as well as offering a great excuse to bond together.
  • If you have extended periods of cold weather, you may want to buy your pet a new coat to keep them warm over Christmas. For example a nice cosy winter dog coat.
  • You can buy personalized dog or cat bowls. You can even buy bowls which will help prevent spills and tips and prevent and reduce strains on your pet's neck.
  • You can get a pet screen door if you have a cat or dog or both. Since the screen can be attached to your door, you can let your pet go outside on its own accord. If you have birds, you can get an automatic birdbath.
  • If your pet is teething, a chew toy will be a great gift. This will prevent your pet from chewing on furniture or shoes. You can also buy healthy chews which can help dogs with bad breath and problem teeth.
  • If you are not sure at all on what you can give to your pet, you can have a Christmas basket for your pet and fill it with the things that you pet will surely love.

The good thing about giving Christmas gifts to our pets is that no matter how small or simple the gift is, we see that it is accepted with the same excitement as a child! If you are shopping for a Christmas gift, you might find it quite difficult to decide what you can buy for your pet. There are so many options online and of course in your local pet store. It can often be a harder decision that choosing the right gift for an adult!

If you have kids, most probably, they have their own Christmas stockings. If you have pets, you might as well give them their own Christmas stockings too! Pet Christmas stockings can come in different sizes and colours.

TIP! As as a gift you might want to give your pet a Christmas card. If you have a dog, you'll be amazed to know you can buy edible rawhide Christmas cards. They will go down a treat!

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