Dog Christmas Bandanas

Whether it's a santa, reindeer or snowman design, dog christmas bandanas are a fun way to add a splash of festive canine cheer to the 25th of December.

Christmas bandanas are comfy and stylish - making them a perfect Christmas dog gift choice. Choosing a dog bandana for Christmas isn't complicated - but most importantly, you'll need to think about the design and size.


From Christmas pudding dog bandanas to more stylish options like tartan or Scandinavian, there's undoubtedly a design to suit all human (and canine!) tastes. Whether you prefer twee or tasteful, it's simply a case of shopping around.

If that's all too much, just choose a dog Christmas bandana multipack like this one, featuring lovely red, green and white designs and incorporating santas and reindeers. That's different designs for your dog to wear on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day!

For the ultimate unique dog gift this Christmas, a personalised Christmas dog bandana is a lovely touch. Simply add your dog's name or your own short message when you order - "Jasper", "I'm Snow Cute", "My First Christmas" or "I Believe In Santa Paws".


Before you start shopping around for a Christmas bandana, it's a good idea to measure around your dog's neck.

Some bandanas will be 'one size' for dogs of all shapes and sizes but other large dog Christmas bandanas may only be suitable for breeds such as a Labrador, Boxer, Doberman or German Shepherd. Just remember to check before you buy.

What else?

We recommend choosing a soft cotton material so that the bandana doesn't end up irritating your dog's fur or skin. Lightweight cotton is breathable, too.

When it comes to price, we'll leave that up to you and your pocket. Some really cheap products can be poor quality but dog bandanas aren't expensive in any case. Make sure you read product reviews to get an idea of whether other customers - and their dogs - have been happy with their purchase.

Double check how the bandana will be fitted. Often they are simply tied around the dog's neck, but some will attach directly to the collar.

Discover the full selection of Christmas dog bandanas on Amazon today. And remember - make sure your dog's bandana doesn't dip into the gravy when he or she is happily munching away on Christmas dinner!

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