Furby is back for Christmas 2012!

Loving Your Pet has some breakings news that will have some of you jumping for joy and others hiding behind the sofa. It's official - Furby is back for Christmas!

Well - you might not have heard it here first, but we thought we'd share it with you anyway. That little ball of lovable fluff, that was emptying shelves in Toys 'R' Us during the 90s, has been upgraded, extra censored and up-cuted (we're so excited at LYP we're making up words).

The lovable Furby is available from the 24th September on Amazon. Why not start your Christmas shopping early before they disappear from the shelves. With free delivery and a fantastic price, buying from Amazon is our recommendation!

Manufacturers, Hasbro, set their techies loose to bring Furby into the 21st Century. Remember the wobbly walk and strange electronic voice we fell for all those years ago? Be prepared for a lot more from Furby mark II. LED eyes mean new Furby's are able to express emotions, feed it a hot pepper and you'll see flames in its eyes and tickle its tummy and you'll see a glowing heart - just some of the weird and wonderful features you can expect.

'It was a confluence of technology that makes us want to bring Furby back,' said Kenny Davis, Hasbro marketing director, during an interview with ABC News. 'The original Furby was more than an anamatronic toy - it was the first toy that appeared to have a brain. We have been thinking about the ways to give Furby a real personality.'

It would appear that Furby's evolution is in sync with advances in smart phone technology, allowing it to have a brain that functions on LEDs, accelerometers and sensors on its head, tummy and back, enabling it to laugh when tickled, jibber and roll its eyes if you flip it upside down and close its eyes when it needs to sleep. 'We did a lot to make sure Furby learned and grew too. It starts out sweet and naive, but can develop more richly than the first one did,' said Davis.

The new Furby is available in the following colours:

  • Black
  • Red
  • Teal
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Pink/Purple

And what language does he speak in you may ask? Furbish of course, but this time round your Furby can speak English words and is also accompanied by an iPad app, that amongst other things, can translate Furbish into English if you're having troubles understanding your new best friend.

What is more - Furby II has already hit the shelves in America and according to our insider sources, is set to be coming to the UK for Christmas. There's nothing to stop you from buying online either if you just can't bare the wait.

But be warned - not only will you get stuck on its cuteness, you won't be able to shut it up, as designers, Hasbro, have intentionally chosen not to include a volume setting. 'Part of that is figuring out what your Furby needs and what to do with it,' admits Davis.

So look out for those lovable eyes, because the little fluffy bundle of fun we call Furby is back. And it wants to stay! Furby 2012 is the perfect Christmas present for any young pet or toy lover!