Robo Fish Play Set

Tipped to be one of the top Christmas toys of 2013 is the Zuru Robo Fish Play Set. Cute, fun and amazing this festive gift is sure to 'swim' off the shelves this winter!

As seen on TV, These ingenious robotic fish are water-activated and will start swimming as soon as they are submersed in water. In fact they are so intelligent and life-like you may not be able to tell them apart from real fish!

Made by Zuru, these robo fish are fantastic fun for any youngster and are sure to provide hours of entertainment to the lucky recipient. These scaly so-and-so's will brighten up any household. Just like real fish, but without the need to feed!

Currently, the Robo Fish Playset is £26.99 on Amazon with free delivery.

Check out the Robo Fish craze...

These fishy friends are sure to entertain for hours on end!

What's included?

This play set includes a fish bowl, one fish and a spare battery - everything required to get started. It's easy to buy more fish though - in a variety of colours and types. A handful of swimming robo fish is quite a sight!

Why buy Robo Fish?!

  • They last longer than real fish!
  • It's much less hassle moving them from one tank to another!
  • To save on battery, just take them out of the tank!
  • No tank cleaning or feeding required!

We know these are very silly reasons...but we just had to include them!

Zuru Robofish are suitable for children of 3 years and over, but have been known to be just as fascinating to adults...! Don't worry about keeping the tank water at a particular temperature or asking the neighbour to feed them while you are away - Robo Fish are maximum fun and minimum hassle.

Tipped by Hamleys to be a top toy this Christmas, Robo Fish make entertaining, low-maintenance, perfect pets.