Teksta the Puppy - Top Christmas 2013 Toy!

Tipped this year to be a huge hit on the toy shelves this Christmas is the awesome Teksta Robotic Puppy. It's a clever, cute, fascinating, hi-tech companion and will make any child a fantastic canine companion...without the mess!

Teksta the puppy is a life-like canine robot which will respond to movement, lights, voice and touch. Teksta will also show emotion when he feels like he needs to - from whining to crying and excitement to barking!

This clever robot puppy can also be trained to sit, walk and even do a backflip. In fact there's over a hundred play features built in to keep any child entertained, fascinated and engaged.

At the time of writing, Amazon is the cheapest place to buy a Teksta puppy. And remember...they are available in both blue and pink. It's your choice if you'd like a boy or girl puppy!

Watch Teksta in action...

As you can see from the video, Teksta will wag his tail, move his ears and come to you when called!


What's more than Teksta's clever emotions, tricks and brain power is the ability to download an app and teach him even more tricks! For this super-slick technology and the chance to control and trail Teksta, all you'll need is a iOS Apple or Android tablet or smartphone.

This super-clever puppy also comes with it's own ball and bone. Teksta will play fetch with the ball and will love a chew on the bone when he's a little hungry.

What's perhaps most amazing is that if Teksta the puppy comes into contact with another - they will interact and play together!

Just like everything these days, batteries aren't included. Being such an active and playful puppy, Teksta will need 4 x AA batteries. Luckily Teskta's bedtime habits are great - when the sun goes down in the evening, this robotic puppy will sleep like a log!

Tipped by Hamleys and the Telegraph amongst others, Teksta the robotic puppy is set to be one of the best selling Christmas toys of 2013 - and it's easy to see why. Woof!