About Rottweilers

This article explores the breed type of the Rottweiler. We also look at the character and temperament of the breed, and the distinctive coat that keeps the Rottweiler warm.

Breed Type

When we see a Rottweiler we know that it is a Rottweiler and not a Doberman. This is because the attributes and characteristics of the Rottweiler were developed for its specific purpose. It's original purpose, back in Roman times was a herder for cattle. The Rotty was also required to protect his master's property so needed to be strong, dependable and sturdy.

Character and Temperament

Whilst the modern day Rottweiler should be capable of herding cattle, they are seldom used for this purpose. If you believe all you see on television then you will think that the Rottweiler is an aggressive fighting dog. The Rotty was never meant to be a fighting dog and should not be nervous or aggressive. They should however have natural guarding instincts and an inherent desire to protect both home an family. The Rottweiler is a loyal companion with a good nature.


The Rottweiler's coat is designed to protect a working dog. To make sure that the dog stays warm the coat is double-layered. The outer coat is water-proof and the inner oats is shorter and designed to keep in warmth. The inner coat, which can be black, grey or tan is often short and woolly.

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